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Neighborhood of Saturdays

Notification of Scheduled Maintenance
Date: August 29, 2015 - August 30, 2015

During the above maintenance period access to our CONTENTdm collections will be limited.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your patience.

This digital collection was created as one of the end results of an ethnography course by Dr. Susan Hyatt.  As part of the course, undergraduate students conducted interviews with neighborhood residents, held scan-a-thons for the collection of images and documents from the community members, and synthesized all of this material into a published monograph. IUPUI University Library assisted the students with the scan-a-thons, conducting several in class informational sessions to prepare with the community atteneded events.  The Library aslo assisted in the collection, organization, public access, and archiving of the the images found in the Neighborhood of Satrudays digital collection.

As a means to support other research classes interested in hold scan-a-thons, below is a list of documents used to guide this process as well as brief lesson plans on in-class information sessions suggested prior to holding a community scan-a thon.

In-Class Scan-A-Thon Preparation guide

Digital Master File Standards guide

File Name Convention form

Oral Interview Agreement form

Oral Interview Metadata Collection form

Photo/Document Agreement form

Photo/Document Metadata Collection form


Please contact Kristi Palmer if you have any questions about implementing a scan-a-thon at your library or in your class.

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