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Civil War: Governor Morton Telegraph Books and Slips

How to Use This Collection

Keyword Search

To perform a keyword search using the yellow navigation bar at the top of the screen, enter search terms in the "Keyword Search" box. This box is an automatic "and" search, meaning results obtained will contain all of the words entered in the search box. For example, if you put in the box: Lincoln Morton, the results will include books that have both Lincoln and Morton. Do not enter the Boolean operators "and", "or", or "not" because they are not supported here and will hinder search results.

Advanced Search

Use the Advanced search to search by a certain field. To do this click on "Advanced Search" and add Civil War - Governor Morton Telegraph Books to "Selected Collections" in the bottom area of the screen. At the top of the page, click on "Selected fields" and pick a field to search using the drop-down menu. Clicking on "show terms" will display a box with a list of terms to choose from. For example, this kind of search could yield books that contain messages where Morton is the Message Sender and Lincoln is the Message Recipient. You may also perform proximity searches using the Advanced Search screen.


Researchers can also simply "open" a telegraph book and begin to read. To do so, choose "Browse This Collection" and click on the thumbnail or the title of a book from the list.

Viewing a Book

The telegraph book pages are displayed as individual PDFs. You may use the Acrobat functions to zoom in, scroll across, and print the images. To the left of the book image is the navigation pane. This pane shows you a list of pages within the book. Any pages highlighted in red are pages that contain search result hits. The "Search this object" box enables you to search within that particular book. Below the search box is the "View" menu. By selecting a drop-down menu option and hitting "go", the display in the image window will change. "Document description" view will display information about the book you are viewing, including title and subjects. "Page description" view shows the information that is specific to that page only. These descriptions are what is searched when a Keyword or Advanced Search is executed. Each page description shows dates, senders, receivers, and subjects addressed on the page. In order to return to an image from either the document or page view, just click on a page title in the navigation pane. The "Page & text" view is not available for this collection.

For more information...

On navigation, etc.:

Consult the CONTENTdm help pages or contact us.

On content:

A database compiled by staff of the Indiana State Archives may be instrumental when using this collection. This is the original source for the page descriptions used in this digital library and includes a date, correspondents (sender and to), book, page, and subject/name for each message in the collection. (Note: messages in the database that list no volume number but instead show an "S" are to be found on telegraph slips-the original forms used by the telegraph operators to write down messages-preserved at the Indiana State Archives. The contents of many of these slips were copied into the telegraph books, but many were not.) Visit the Indiana State Archives or contact Archives staff for further assistance.