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Indianapolis Sanborn Map and Baist Atlas Collection

Indiananpolis in Maps: Now and Then

 This kit contains all the documents needed to replicate the activity, "Indianapolis in Maps: Now and Then" which is a 1-2 hr. program that introduces learners to the benefits of maps as tools for discovering a city’s (and its people’s) history. Using map navigation skills, participants will be provided with a list of well-known present day landmarks in Indianapolis. They will locate these sites on a current map of downtown Indianapolis and using the information found here (addresses, street crossings, site surroundings) locate the same site on the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map from 1887 or 1898. Some landmarks will be the same, showing learners that many present-day landmarks in Indianapolis existed over a hundred years ago. Participants will also find that many of the same buildings still exist but that they are now used for different purposes. And finally the class will also find that some areas of downtown have completely changed their look and purpose. In addition to finding the specific landmarks listed the participants are also encouraged to explore the maps in-depth (especially the older maps) and record anything that stands out to them, is interesting. While students will work in groups or individually on the formal worksheet activity, the class will come together at the end to share their discoveries and what these discoveries might infer about the city, its people, and its history.

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