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Datasets in IUPUIScholarWorks

Datasets will be stored in IUPUIScholarWorks

IUPUIScholarWorks is one way in which IUPUI is addressing the research communities' need for new outlets in scholarly communication. It is an institutional digital repository which employs the DSpace open source software (freeware) created by MIT and Hewlett Packard in 2000. IUPUI is in good company as Cambridge University, Columbia University, Cornell University, University of Washington, and Edinburgh University have also selected DSpace as a means for establishing their own institution's digital repository.

The technical aspects of maintaining the repository's infrastructure and ensuring submitted items are digitally preserved are handled by the experts at University Library.

  • Once uploaded to IUPUIScholarWorks your dataset is freely accessible to anyone on the web and crawled by Google and other search engines. This means fellow scholars and researchers can easily locate your dataset, possibly increasing citation of your work, and allowing others to benefit from the groundwork that you have laid. This groundwork may then be built upon increasing the general pool of subject knowledge thereby adding untold value to your general area of research.
  • IUPUIScholarWorks is a digital archive, meaning University Library is dedicated to ensuring that your dataset is maintained under current technological best practices.
  • IUPUIScholarWorks creates a unique and persistent Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) for every submitted item. This means that your dataset will have a constant, unchanging link that you, and others citing your work, can include in bibliographies. No more dead links.
  • IUPUIScholarWorks tracks the number of times your dataset is downloaded, giving you insight into the impact your work is making.
    IUPUIScholarWorks is full-text searchable.
  • Submitting an item to IUPUI ScholarWorks does not affect the copyright holder's interest in the work.
  • Keep in mind that University Library will not "scrub" a submission to remove confidential information. It is up to the submitter of the dataset to ensure that all privacy regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA and any other confidentiality regulations/laws are strictly adhered to. Datasets submitted to storage and subsequently found in noncompliance of such privacy regulations will be removed from IUPUI ScholarWorks.

Last updated by klpalmer on 10/12/2010