The Philanthropy Archives is building a premier research collection to document the history of the philanthropic tradition.   The Archives is used by scholars, researchers, and practitioners studying the not-for-profit sector.  Through the research that the Archives makes possible, we hope to enhance our understanding not only of the not-for-profit sector and its practices, but of the role of philanthropy in society as well.  It includes the historical records of organizations and individuals that have worked as advocates for the nonprofit sector, fund raising firms that help nonprofit organizations raise money, foundations and individual philanthropists, and nonprofit organizations that provide social services, particularly in central Indiana. These collections also provide a wide scope of research materials dealing with social, historical, political, educational, and ethnic developments and changes in the United States during the twentieth century. In conjunction with the Joseph and Matthew Payton Philanthropic Studies Library, the Philanthropy Collections represent a great concentration of materials for intensive study in all realms of philanthropy.