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IUPUI 40th Anniverary Celebration


The collections listed are only a portion of the materials held by the Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, and additional collections are added on a continuing basis. For a complete listing of collections, contact Special Collections and Archives through Ask an Archivist.

Catalog-level information about each of the collections can be found in IUCAT, Indiana University Libraries' online catalog.


American Association of University Professors (AAUP). IUPUI (Campus) Chapter Records, 1961- 1977
Records of the Indiana Conference and then the IUPUI Chapter of this national organization of university faculty.
Campus Facility Services Records, 1969-2008
Records documenting the development of the physical environment of the IUPUI campus.
Copyright Management Center Records, 1993-2007
Records documenting the first such university-based center established in 1994 by IUPUI to inform IUPUI and the Indiana University system regarding copyright law and the management of copyright issues in higher education.
Department of English Records, 1963-2006
Records documenting development of curriculum and programs of IUPUI department.
Dept. of Occupational Therapy Records, 1927-1976
Records documenting the establishment and development of the occupational thearapy program at IUPUI.
Enrollment Services Records, 1968-1996
Records documenting the admission process for students of IUPUI.
Goals and Objectives Committee Records, 1966-1985
Records documenting the "GO Committee" created by IUPUI Chancellor Maynard Hine to develop long-range plans for IUPUI.
Herron School of Art and Design Records, 1902-2004
Records documenting the school's development and its role in training artists, art educators, and designers.
Indiana University. Indianapolis Downtown Campus Records, 1916-1976
Records documenting the establishment of the downtown campus and eventually IUPUI.
Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus Records, 1950-2001
Records documenting the growth and the educational programs of the Columbus Campus.
Indiana University Records
Records documenting the multi-campus university system of which IUPUI is part.
Indiana University Research and Technology Corporation Records, Office of Technology Transfer Patent Files, 1930s-1990s
Records of efforts to patent and market inventions developed at IUPUI.
IUPUI Image Collection
Collection of images visually representing IUPUI's history and development.
IUPUI Faculty Council Records, 1975-2002
Records of the organization that serves as the faculty governance body of the university.
IUPUI Records, 1944-2012
Miscellaneous Records pertaining to the IUPUI campus.
IUPUI Staff Council Records, 1975-2002
Records of the organization that serves as the self-governance forum for non-academic staff of the university.
IUPUI University College Records, 1992-2006
Records documenting the development of the IUPUI school designed to improve entering undergraduate student retention.
IUPUI University Library Records, 1940-2005
Records about the programs and services of the IUPUI University Library, Herron School of Art Library, and IUPU-Columbus Library.
IUPUI University Theatre Records, 1968-1996
Records about productions and performances produced by IUPUI from 1968-1996.
Kelley School of Business Records, 1962-2005
Records documenting the development of business education at IUPUI.
Office of the Chancellor Records, 1914-2006
Records from the chief executive officer of IUPUI and oversees the development and the operation of the campus.
Office of the Dean of the Faculties/Executive Vice Chancellor Records, 1966-2007
Records from the chief academic officer at IUPUI that oversees the development and administration of academic programs, faculty appointments, professional development, promotion and tenure, and academic support operations.
Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for External Affairs Records, 1940-2004
Records from the main public relations office at IUPUI that oversees media and community relations, publications, the IUPUI alumni office, the Indiana University Foundation operation in Indianapolis, the Continuing Studies program, and intercollegiate athletics.
Office of Faculty Appointments and Advancement Records, 1970-2005
Records from the office at IUPUI that serves as the faculty records office as well as developed and communicated policies relating to faculty and faculty promotion and tenure. The office also coordinates the development of courses and curricula for schools and departments.
Office of Information Management and Institutional Research Records, 1986-2001
Records from the office that collects and disseminates information and data on various aspects of IUPUI, including statistical and other information on IUPUI students.
Office of International Affairs Records, 1961-2003
Records documenting the services provided to IUPUI faculty, staff, and students seeking to study abroad, the work to bring international scholars and students to IUPUI, and the formation of partnerships with universities around the world.
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance Records, 1948-2004
Records from the office that administers a number of services on campus, including accounting, the bursar, the police department, the campus bookstores, human resources, and several other offices.
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Improvement Records, 1993-2004
Records from the office that coordinates campus-wide planning efforts and institutional research initiatives from among the various units, schools, and office of IUPUI.
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies Records, 1958-1996
Records from the office that supports graduate level programs at IUPUI.
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Dean of Students Records, 1962-2008
Records from the office that provides services and support to students at IUPUI.
Polis (Project On-Line Indianapolis Study) Center Records, 1991-2001
Records documenting the research center established in 1989 and affiliated with IUPUI and its School of Liberal Arts that focuses on Indianapolis and Indiana-related research projects.
Purdue University. Indianapolis Campus Records, 1941-1976
Records documenting Purdue University's educational offerings in Indianapolis with an emphasis on engineering and the sciences.
Sagamore (Indianapolis, Ind.) Records, 1971-2005
Records documenting the publishing of the student newspaper.
School of Continuing Education Records, 1958-2011
Records documenting the development of non-credit/credit and adult education programs at IUPUI.
School of Dentistry Records, 1934-2003
Records documenting the establishment of the school in 1925 from the Indiana Dental College and the development of dental education in Indiana.
School of Education Records, 1939-2000
Records about teacher training and other programs offered at IUPUI.
School of Engineering and Technology Records, 1952-1998
Records from the school's antecedents to the current school documenting the development of the engineering and applied technology education at IUPUI.
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Records, 1955-1995
Records about the allied health education program offered at IUPUI.
School of Law—Indianapolis Records, 1895- 2004
Records documenting the development of the IU School of Law-Indianapolis from private law schools in Indianapolis to the current school on the IUPUI campus.
School of Liberal Arts Records, 1949-2006
Records documenting the merger of the arts, humanities, and most of the social science departments of the Indiana University-Indianapolis Downtown Campus and Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension campus and the development of the current school and its programs.
School of Medicine Records, 1848-2005
Records documenting the development medical education in Indiana.
School of Nursing Records, 1914-2002
Records documenting the establishment of the Indiana University Training School for Nurses in 1914 and the development of nursing education in Indiana.
School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) Records, 1950-1997
Records documenting the development of the curriculum and programs at IUPUI.
School of Science Records, 1966-2007
Records documenting the development of the curriculum and programs for this school.
School of Social Work Records, 1911-2001
Records documenting the development of the curriculum and programs for this system-wide school.
Student Government Records, 1966-2004
Records documenting student government organizations role in campus governance in the course of the university's growth.