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General Records Retention Guidelines: Records for Transfer

The IUPUI University Archives preserves significant records documenting the history and activities of IUPUI and its schools, departments, programs, and offices. Because of the vast amount of paperwork which is created at an institution of this size, only a small percentage of records can be preserved in the Archives. Accordingly, the University Archives has established some general guidelines to ensure that records of importance are preserved. These guidelines do not cover all records. Please consult the archivists at the University Archives for guidance. The following types of non-current, inactive records are commonly transferred to the University Archives:

Accreditation Records
Records concerning accreditation for the university or the school. May include correspondence, reports, questionnaires, guidelines, and other related records.
Alumni Files
Records concerning the university or school's relationship with its alumni. May include memoranda, correspondence, reports, publications, and other related records.
Annual Reports
Annual reports of the university and its units.
Audit Reports
Audit reports of the university and its units.
Final budgets for the university and its units. Working papers and drafts may be discarded.
Committees and Councils Records
Records concerning committees and councils that are school or university-wide in nature. Files may include agendas, minutes of meetings, reports, and correspondence. For all other committee records, please consult the archivist for retention guidance.
See General Administrative Records.
Curriculum Development Records
Records of the university and its departments documenting the development and planning for courses offered at IUPUI. May include correspondence, memoranda, proposals, and faculty recommendations.
Departmental Programs Records
Records concerning programs of the university. Files may include program proposals and descriptions, administrative documents, and correspondence.
Faculty/Staff Information Files
Files containing biographical/professional information about individuals. (Faculty records are retained by Academic and Faculty Records and staff records are retained by Human Resources.)
General Administrative Files
Records concerning the administration of the university and its schools and departments. Files may include reports, memorandums, correspondence, directives, and other related records.
Grants Files
Records concerning specific grants awarded to and/or administered by the university and/or its units. Grant proposals, progress reports, and final reports are transferred to the Archives. All of the other records may be discarded after administrative and legal retentions are met.
Organizations, Associations, and Society Records
Records concerning various faculty, staff, student, and professional organizations and associations with which the university deals. Files may include correspondence, reports, publications, minutes, and other related records.
Photograph Files
Photographic images (prints, negatives, digital, slides, etc.) of the university's activities, functions, facilities, and its faculty, staff and students.
Planning Records
Records of the university and its departments documenting its mission and goals. May include reports, correspondence, and policy and program proposals.
Policies and Procedures Files and Manuals
Includes files and manuals specific to the university of past and present policies and procedures.
Publications, University
Publications of the university and its departments.
Publications, Faculty
Monographs by the faculty of the university. Publications of non-IUPUI faculty are to be destroyed when their usefulness as reference files ends.
Research Projects Reports and Files
Records concerning the university's research projects. Reports and project proposals and descriptions are transferred to the Archives. All of the other records are to be discarded after administrative and legal retentions are met.
See Annual Reports or General Administrative Records
Self Study Reports
Speech Files
Speeches, addresses, or comments made by faculty and staff while representing the university.

Please consult the Policy and Procedures for Transfer of University Records prior to preparing your office files for transfer. All records transferred to the University Archives must have a completed University Archives Transmittal Form (PDF file) submitted with the materials.

Information last revised June 1999.