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The Polis Center is a research center established in 1989 and affiliated with IUPUI and its School of Liberal Arts that focuses on Indianapolis and Indiana-related research projects. The majority of the records included here form the Indianapolis Congregations Archives from the Religion and Urban Culture project. Data compiled was analyzed to produce several books and other studies of religious life in Indianapolis.

Records include statistical reports, survey information, interviews, records and information on Indianapolis neighborhoods and individual congregations, and other materials.


Personnel and student records and other personal information in these records are restricted. All other material is open to the public without restriction. Copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.


Cite as: Polis Center Records, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


Accessions: UA-023, A2002/03-048.


Polis Center
IUPUI (Campus). School of Liberal Arts
Indianapolis (Ind.) - Religion


This preliminary inventory serves as an interim guide to the described records. A finished finding aid based on final appraisal and arrangement of the records of this university unit will be prepared at a future date.


Contents Box
Encyclopedia of Indianapolis 1
  History, ca. 1992  
  (Newsletter) 1991-1994  
POLIS Publications, 1990s  
POLIS- Religion Materials, 1990s  
Miscellaneous POLIS publications, 1999-2003  
The Indiana Congregations Archives- General  
  Black Churches- General Information, 1990s  
  Bethel AME Directory, 1956  
  Bethel AME Church Board Minutes, 1906- 1909  
  Indiana Missionary Baptist State Convention, 1982  
  Baptist Golden Jubilee, 1965  
  Baptist Churches- Newspaper Articles  
  Indianapolis Black Churches  
  Acton Baptist Church- History, ca. 1992  
  AME Bethel  
  Allen Chapel AME Church History  
Baptist- The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Historical Sources Available by County, ca. 1990s  
  Indiana Baptist Convention  
  21st Annual Convention- Mt. Carmel Baptist, 1961  
  75th Anniversary- St. John’s Missionary Baptist, 1972  
  Indiana Baptist Association Yearbook, 1950-1951  
  Baptist Temple Newspaper Clippings, 1959-1981 (OUT CARD)  
  Broadway St. Baptist Yearbook, 1934-1935  
  Burge Temple Baptist Church  
  New Bethel Baptist Church, First 100 Years, ca. 1975  
  First Southern Baptist Church  
  First Baptist Church  
  Garfield Park Baptist History, 1988  
  Second Baptist Church History  
Baptist- Tuxedo Park  
  Church Bulletins 1909, 1913-1914  
  Dr. Clutton, Building  
  Daily Vacation Bible School  
  Primary Bible Stories  
  Baptist Observer- Baptist Herald  
  General History  
  Annual Reports  
Catholic- The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Protestant/Catholic Relations  
  Directory, 1964  
  Newspaper Articles, Socialism 1911-1912, 1914, Knights of Columbus, Indiana Catholic Prohibition, Religion & Education  
  Anti-Catholic Election Leaflet, 1914  
  Assumption Catholic Church  
  Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King  
  St. Christopher Parish, 1942  
  St. Luke Zoning Issues, Meridian Hills  
  Diocese of Indianapolis  
  Holy Trinity Baptism Records, General History, Financial Report  
  Immaculate Heart of Mary, Planning ca. 1946  
  St. Ann, 1992  
  St. Joan of Arc, 1971  
  Church of the Holy Cross, 1946  
  Indianapolis, General  
  St. Mark Church, 1973  
  St. Mary’s Church  
  St. Matthew, 1983  
  St. John, Membership, General History  
  St. Patrick’s Annual Reports, History, Clergy, Directories, Societies, Social Events, Membership (1920), Parish History  
  St. Philip Neri General History & Membership  
  St. Rita Marriage Records  
  St. Simon the Apostle Parish  
  St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Info, Directory 1995, 50th Anniversary, UFW Boycott (1972)  
Central Christian- The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Directory 2
  Newspaper Articles  
Christian- The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Northwood Christian Church- Yearbook & Directory, 1964-1965  
  3rd Christian Church (History)  
  2nd Christian Church- Membership Survey, General History  
  Christian Church History  
  Disciples of Christ Inquiries, 1995  
  Ben Davis Christian Church  
  Central Christian Church- General, Annual Reports, Miscellaneous  
  Downey Christian Church  
  East 49th St. Christian Church  
  East 91st St. Christian Church  
  Disciples of Christ- Newspaper Articles  
Church Federation  
  Directory of Churches & Ministers, 1945-1946  
  Politics (OUT CARD)  
  Directory of Churches & Miniters, 1954, 1960, 1965, 1973/74, 1985/86, 1993/94  
Church of God  
  Sources in Archives, Congregation/ Regional History (1996)  
  Northside Church History (1976)  
  Meridian Church History (1980)  
First Congregational Church, 1921  
Church Federation-Minutes: 1918-1919 (OUT CARD)  
First Congregational  
  Plymouth Circle (Women)  
  Council Minutes (1917, 1920)  
  Clerks Reports (1921-1922)  
  Plymouth Union (Women’s Club Yearbook 1955)  
  Membership Lists (1926)  
  General History  
  Membership Directories  
  Council Minutes (1918, 1919)  
  Annual Reports  
  Reverends Edyvean, Kolsti, Savage, Utterback & Hay  
  Constitution & By-Laws  
  Notes from Worship Service Bulletins  
United Church of Christ- Ellenberger, Membership List, 1997  
First Friends  
  Newspaper Articles  
  Indianapolis Monthly Meeting (IMM)  
  Directory (1909, 1912, 1916, 1919)  
  IMM History  
  Sabbath School Reports  
  Overseers Annual Statistical Reports  
  Treasurer’s Reports 3
  General History  
Second Friends- General History  
Jewish: Beth-El Zedeck  
  Membership Directory (1965/66)  
  [Publications, 1992, 1958]  
  Newsletters/ Announcements, 1996-1997  
  General History  
  Project Roots & Wings (1995/96)  
  Membership (1933)  
  [more Publications1995, 1978, 1958]  
Jewish: Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation  
  Reaction to Social Issues  
  War Efforts (1918)  
  Presidential Report & Message  
  New Songs  
  Constitution (1918)  
  Cash Ledger (1916-1923)  
  Archival Resources  
  Board Minutes (1908-1916),  
  Pew Owners (1908-1921)  
  Newspaper Articles  
Jewish- The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Newspaper Articles  
   “Highlights of Indianapolis Jewish Community” 1954  
   “Organizing the American Jewish Community”  
  Miscellaneous Congregations & Organizations  
  Congregation Shaarey Tefilla, miscellaneous  
  B’nai Torah- Membership List (1997, 1958), 1st 50 Years (1973)  
Episcopal- The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Episcopal Church- Reaction to Social Issues  
  Christ’s Church Choir & Vestrymen  
  Christ Church Cathedral- Messages from Clergy, Financial Info, Societies/ Organizations, Physical Property, History  
  Trinity (Trinity Episcopal Church, 1969)  
  St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, History (1963)  
  St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, History  
  All Saints Episcopal Church, History, 1964  
  Christ Church, General History  
Lutheran- The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Indianapolis Lutheran High School  
  Indianapolis Lutheran Churches  
  Federation of Lutheran Churches, Missouri Synod  
  Indianapolis ECLA Affiliates  
  Indiana History  
  Lutherans in Indianapolis  
  Miscellaneous Articles & Papers on Indianapolis Lutheranism  
  Gethsemane, church Business  
  St. Marks Membership (1923), General History  
  St. Paul Yearbooks, Annual Reports, Church Publications, General History  
  Gethsemane Membership  
Methodist- The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Methodist Episcopal Ministers Association, 1908-1909  
  Church Lists in DePauw Archives  
  Indiana Annual Conference, General History, Reports 1940-1970  
  Indiana Area of the Methodist Episcopal Church  
  Miscellaneous Publications & Information  
  Reaction to Community Social Issues, Central Avenue Methodist Episcopal  
  Castleton United Methodist Church  
  Central Avenue Methodist Church Programs/ Pamphlets  
  Central Avenue UMC- The Dynamo (Publication) 4
  Central Avenue Sunday School Secretary’s Book1903-1935  
  Scrapbook, O.H. Palmer, Central Ave. UMC  
Central Ave. Methodist Societies  
  Denominational Issues  
  Physical Plant Design  
  WWI Honor Roll  
  Governance/ Leadership  
  Church Membership(1925)  
  Member Directories  
Methodist- The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  East 10th Street Methodist Directory  
  Edwin Ray UMC History  
  Near Eastside UMC Parish Directories  
  Edwin Ray Methodist Church Directories  
  Forest Manor UMC  
  Merritt Place  
  Roosevelt Temple Methodist Church  
  History- Small Indiana Towns  
  Methodist Church Histories (Assorted)  
  Roberts Park Annual Reports  
  Board Meeting Minutes  
  Epworth League  
  Financial Reports  
   Planning Conference Programs  
  Miscellaneous Reports  
  Rosedale Hills EUB Church Directory, 1958  
  Irvington United Methodist Church Directory, 1997  
  Otterbein United Methodist Church Directory, 1966 & 1985  
  St. Andrew’s Methodist Church Directory, 1966  
  St. Luke’s United Methodist Church  
  Methodist- United Brethren New York Street Evangelical Church  
Moravian Church Newspaper Articles  
Eastern Orthodox- Romanian, Greek, Syrian Orthodox  
Macedonia/ Bulgaria- St. Stephen Church  
Pentecostal Churches in Indianapolis  
Pilgrim Holiness Churches in Indianapolis  
Presbyterian- The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Presbytery of Indianapolis  
  Newspaper Articles  
  First Presbyterian Church Membership List, 1953, 1940  
  First Meridian Heights United Presbyterian Church  
  Irvington Presbyterian Church Directory, 1929-1930  
  Irvington Presbyterian Church Membership & Organization List & Directory 1931-1932, 1934-1935  
  Presbyterian- Meyer Chapel Membership, 1928  
  Prentice Presbyterian Church  
  2nd Presbyterian Membership (1928), Directory (1947) & Roll (1964)  
  Presbyterian- Southport, General History  
  Old Town Greenwood (OUT CARD)  
  Tabernacle Presbyterian Directory & Yearbook, 1930  
  Tabernacle Presbyterian- Miscellaneous  
Unitarian- The Indiana Congregations Archives 5
  All Souls- Building, Yearbook (1928-1929), Minutes (1911-1917), Financial Reports, Sermons, Yearbook (1952-1953)  
  Central Universalist  
  Universalist Organizations  
  All Souls- Calendar, Dr. Frank Wicks, Building Committee, Membership List, Women’s Alliance, Miscellaneous Articles  
Trinity Wesleyan Church History, 1998  
Elizabeth Van Allen, RMA Biographical Directory  
Individual Base & Affiliation Data Entry Forms  
  Individual Forms (blank),  
  Financial, Family Relationships  
  Base Entry  
  Occupation Data  
  Second Presbyterian Church  
  Christian Theological Seminary Resources  
  Tuxedo Park Baptist Church  
  First Congregational Church Archives  
  Downey Ave. Christian Records  
  Central Ave. United Methodist Church  
  All Souls Unitarian Church Records  
  St. Philip Neri Archives  
  St. John Catholic Church Archives  
Religion Files- Black  Church/Community Colored Directory- Indianapolis & Yearbook, 1923  
Building Information- Churches, Church Structures, Physical Plants  
Censuses & Directories  
  US Census: Religious Bodies, 1906  
  City Directory Churches, 1908, 1910  
  US Census: Religious Bodies, 1916  
  US Census: Religious Bodies, 1926 6
  City Directory Churches, 1920  
  US Census of Religion- Indiana & Marion County, 1926  
  City Directory, 1930, 1935  
  Census of Religious Bodies: Marion County, IN, 1936  
  City Directory, 1941, 1945, 1951  
  Census of Religion: Marion County, 1953  
  City Directory, 1955, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1965, 1967  
  Census of Religious Affiliation, 1970  
  City Directory, 1971, 1975, 1980, 1985  
  Census of Religious Affiliation, 1980, 1990  
  Indianapolis City Directories 1930-1970  
  Metropolitan Indianapolis Directory of Community Resources 1961  
  Indianapolis Directory, 1908-1915  
  Indianapolis City Directories, 1916-1921  
  Indianapolis City Directories, 1920-1930  
Clergy Information, Minister Lists, 1908-1922  
Economics & Religion  
  Indianapolis Evangelist Campaign, Silent Evangel 1921  
  Newspaper Articles  
Religion & Youth/Education  
  Indianapolis Hebrew Cong. Sermon  
  Research Notes  
The Church in Experiment, 1969  
Religion, Church History- General  
Data- Women’s Organizations  
Margaret Puskar  
Alexis Manheim  
History of Indiana Council of United Church Women  
Census Categories- History & Demograhics  
James Whitcomb Riley & Local Cultural Heros  
Pageants- Indiana Centennial, Indianapolis Centennial  
Indiana Centennial, 1916  
Holidays- 4th of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.  
Religious Education Video (forms)  
Crooked Creek (forms)  
Video Screener, Focus Group Discussions  
American History clite,  
Miscellaneous Project Information  
Articles for Reading  
Interview Release Form & Questionnaire  
RUC Senior Staff Meeting Minutes  
RUC All Staff Meeting Minutes  
Neighborhood Hard Copies  
Biweekly Meeting Minutes  
Data Collection Forms  
Data Collection Forms 7
County Histories  
Disciples of Christ Clergy, 1909  
MFC Ministers A- C  
Essays of Civic Culture  
Temperance/ Prohibition  
Sunday Closings  
Prostitution/ Vice  
HIRP (History of Indianapolis from a Religious Perspective):  
  Carmel Wesleyan Church- Narrative Account (draft)  
  Kultur & Crisis: Indianapolis German- Americans (draft)  
  Civic Ceremonies & Faithful Memories- Public Holidays & Civic Ritual (draft)  
  City Spaces & Consecration of Space (draft)  
  Public Morality & Individual Sanctity (draft)  
  Work Plan/ Problem Statements  
  Book Chapters  
  Holiday Celebrations as Public Rituals  
  Connie’s Chapters  
  Planning Notes, Forms  
  To Read  
  Patriotism- General  
  Rhetoric- General  
  Indy History  
  Marshall Foch Day  
  African Americans  
  Building Materials  
  Built Environment  
  Civic/ Religious Events  
  History/ Traditions  
  Real Estate Trends  
  Voluntary Associations  
  Zoning/ City Ordinances  
  Weekly Database Report  
  Database Printouts  
  In-House Memos  
  Memos to Clerical re: Staff  
  Problematic Entries, Individuals  
  Project Bibliography (Church Histories & Lists) 8
  Meetings Records  
  Out-of-House Memos, Correspondence  
  Things to Address after 3/1/1995  
  Sources to Check  
  Wauzzinski’s Report  
  Miscellaneous HIRP  
  Major Questions & Lilly work Plan  
  [Miscellaneous Notes]  
  Political Graft & Election Fraud  
  Moral Government & Legislation  
  Secondary Sources- Politics, Government  
  Public Morals- General  
  Germans- German Americans  
  Shortridge/ Education  
RUC (Religion & Urban Culture)-  
  History of Religious Individuals, 1905-1925  
  History of Church Buildings  
  Circles, Societies, Organizations  
  Parades & Civic Organizations  
  Spectator Sports- Baseball, Boxing, 500 Race  
  Secondary Sources- Pop Culture  
  War Memorial Architectural Artifacts  
  Skyscrapers- S & S Monument  
  Homes- General  
  House Styles  
  Women’s Work  
  Special Rooms  
Marott Park- Newspaper Articles  
New Construction 1908-1922, HIRP  
Commerce & Art  
Art, Art Education, & Patronage  
Civic Culture Committee Assignments  
Bible in Schools/ Religious Instruction  
History/ Civics Curriculum  
Youth Participation in Civic Celebrations  
Xian Oriented Youth Groups (BSA, YMCA, Boys Club, etc.)  
Secondary Sources- Youth Education  
Census Tract Maps: 1930, 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980,  
Maps from Kevin Mickey  
Census Tract Maps: 1990, 1930-1990  
Fountain Square  
Institution Census Forms  
Forms (blank):  
  Church Census  
  Interview Loan  
  Interview Release  
Letter of Introduction- Summer (Observation) 1996  
Forms (blank):  
  Voices of Faith  
  Sign-in Sheet  
  Religion Questionnaire  
  Neighborhood Photos/ Documents  
Faith & Community General Info Sheet  
Forms (blank): Additions Mailing List, Your Comments  
Directory Labels  
Miscellaneous (1996 IUPUI Promotions Handout Letter)  
Indianapolis Recorder: African American Churches (a list), Who’s Who  
Interview Questions (Interviewing)  
MCAna News Letter  
MF (Mapleton/Fall Creek) Directory  
  Advisory Committee  
Project Readings  
FAC (Faith & Community) Stats- Masters  
Voices of FAC  
Project Evaluation  
Researcher Exit Interviews, 1995  
Summaries for Lilly  
Staff Memos, 1996  
Training, 1995  
Church Census Forms (blank)  
CC (Crooked Creek) Church Assignments, Summer 1996  
Community Observation Forms, Summer 1996  
Mission NESCO Outline, 1996  
NESCO- Mission NESCO, Photo Survey, Key  
Payroll File, Summer 1996  
Readings, Summer 1996  
Review of Summer Researcher Program, 1996  
Training, 1996 9
Training Evaluations (blank)  
Employment Verification Forms: I-9, IU-Hourly, IUPUI Application (all blank)  
Supervisor Report, Summer 1996  
Job Applications & Correspondence, Summer 1996  
Faith & Community Addresses (as of 10/1996)  
University of Illinois- Chicago, Religion in Urban America Program (RUAP)  
UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) [RUAP Material]  
Eastern Star  
  Newspaper Articles- Indianapolis, 1909-1921  
  “Losing the Business: How Hoosier Automobiles…” by Linda Weintraut, 1989  
  Magazine Articles, 1913-1993  
Marshall Foch Day, 11/4/1921  
Census Information  
  Indiana Census- 1850 Social Statistics & Estates  
  Indiana Census- 1860 Social Statistics  
  1950 Census of Housing  
  Historical Census Data  
  Population Characteristics: 30th & Keystone 1960-1970, Population Distribution & Change in Marion County, 1950-1960  
  Census Info- Tri Church Council Service Area, 1960-1970  
  Population of Indianapolis by Census Tracts, 1920 1930, 1931  
  Population Projections & Change- Central Indiana, 1963, 1975  
Education- Newspaper Articles  
Nursery Center Directory, 1953  
Greiff, Glory June: “Public Schools & the Neighborhood Life-Cycle” 1985  
League of Women Voters: “Quality & Equality in our Schools” 1972  
Salk Park Boys Club, 1960s  
Other- YMCA- General History  
Cottage Home Neighborhood- Demographic Study (Eastside) 1992  
Real Property & Low Income Housing Surveys of Indianapolis , 1941  
Beech Grove- History, Diamond Jubilee, 1906-1981  
Neighborhood Organizations Notification of Petitions, 1974  
Neighborhoods- Newspaper Articles  
Meyer Chapel Area- Summary of Trends Expected, 1961  
Far East Side  
Northeast Area Analysis, 1967  
Mapleton- Fall Creek Profile, 1971  
Wayne Township- History, 1991, by Marjorie G. Griffin  
Indianapolis Star series on Northside /Southside differences, 1994  
Relocation Problems, Study of Inner City Project, 1964  
“Remember the Southside?” Indianapolis Magazine, 12/1971  
Perceptions of Indianapolis: A Community Study, 1976  
Racial Segregation in Marion County Townships, 1970  
Negro Households: A Study…, 1946  
Street Index for Analysis of Population Data of Indianapolis , 1935, 1942  
CIRCL (Central Indiana Regional Citizens League), Miscellaneous  
Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee  
Historical Buildings in Marion County  
Metropolitan Assoc. of Greater Indianapolis Communities (MAGIC)  
Women’s Suffrage- Indianapolis Newspaper Articles  
DAU’s Blue Book  
City Directories- Original Xeroxes  
Index: Greater Indianapolis  
Summaries & Articles: Religious History Project Seminars  
Church Census Forms (blank)  
Coding Info for Neighborhood Forms  
Community Activity Observation Forms (blank)  
Correspondence- doesn’t fit into other folders  
Religious Institution Visit Forms (blank)  
Informational Sheets (blank)  
World Cat Searches- Indianapolis: Baptists- Presbyterian, Art & Architecture, Science- Religion, Bishops- Missions  
American History & Life  
  Archive List  
  Indiana with Religious Info  
  Indianapolis with Religious Info  
  Miscellaneous Indianapolis Churches- Archival Holdings  
  Out of State with Indianapolis Info  
IUCAT Searches- Denominations, Indianapolis & Religion, Philanthropy, Religion in General  
IU Bloomington Oral History Research Center Projects, 1992 10
Readers Guide- Religion of Indianapolis  
Miscellaneous: Spiritual/ Religious Group Leaders, 1990s  
Religion Project List  
Voices in Faith Mailings  
Crosstab by Question F, L, M, Satisfaction  
Frequency Statistics  
Zion Evangelical UCC Statistics  
Bethlehem Lutheran Church  
Voices of Faith Photographs (copies)  
Photographers- Rosner, Ginny, Taylor, Tyagan Miller  
Photo Lab Fees  
Indiana Historical Society Permission Forms  
FAC- Photograph Survey Forms (blank)  
  1970 City & County  
  1950 City & County  
  1930 City  
  1940 City & County- Not to Edges  
  1980, 1990, 1960 City & County Tracts  
Churches/ Temples  
  Crestview Christian  
  St. Timothy Episcopal  
  Maple Hill United Methodist  
  Chapel Hill United Methodist  
  Abundant Harvest UMC (United Methodist Church)  
  Devington Baptist  
  Heather Hills Baptist  
  IPS (Indianapolis Public Schools) Boundary Lines  
  Hendricks County Churches, 1978  
  Speedway General Baptist  
  St. Andrew’s Lutheran  
  Orchard Park Presbyterian  
  Asbury United Methodist  
  Speedway Baptist  
  Messiah Lutheran  
  Nativity Catholic  
  St. Luke’s UMC  
The Criterion (Newsletter) 1997-1998  
Interview Release Form (blank)  
Minister Interviews  
  Revs. Mollie Clements & Clara Maye Ripple- FS: Calvary UMC  
  Father Pat Doyle- MFC: St. Joan of Arc Roman Catholic  
  Rev. Oliver Divayne Walker- Philips Temple CME Church  
  Rev. Jim Lemler- MFC: Trinity Episcopal Church  
  Rev. Shedrick Madison- MFC: Faith Teaching Church of Deliverance  
  Rev. Lyle McKee- MFC: Our Redeemer Lutheran Church  
  Rev. Paul Mooney- FS: Calvary Tabernacle United Presbyterian  
  Rev. Wayne Moore- FS: Olivet Baptist Church  
  Rev. Jim Mulholland- FS: Victory Memorial UMC  
  Rev. E.E. Russ- FS: Greater St. James Baptist  
  Sr. Mary Slattery- FS: St. Patrick Roman Catholic Parish  
  Minister Michael Stufflebeam- FS: Church of Christ  
Sociology II Papers- Broad Ripple & Tudor Park High School  
Public Forum- Broad Ripple  
FAC Summer 1997 Open houses Flyers  
Congregational Summaries  
Community Organization Summaries & Census Forms  
Broad Ripple UMC Summary, Forms, History & Miscellaneous  
Christ the King Catholic Church Miscellaneous Forms  
Central Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous Materials 11
Church of Christ Scientist 5th Church Forms  
Evanston Wesleyan Church Forms & Miscellaneous Materials  
Final Report: Phase 1 POLIS Study of Broad Ripple, 1997  
New Paradigm Church of Christ Forms  
New Age People  
Northminster Presbyterian Church History, Forms & Misc.  
Facilities List (Broad Ripple)  
Neighborhood Maps  
New Paradigm Church of Christ Misc. Materials  
Community Organization Miscellaneous Material  
Progressive Spiritualist Church Summary, Forms & Misc.  
66th Street Baptist Church Forms  
Open House Presentations  
Miscellaneous Tracking Documents  
Bethlehem Lutheran Church  
Butler Tarkington Christian Theological Seminary Miscellaneous  
Public Forum- Butler  
Initial Deliverables- Butler/ Tarkington Neighborhood  
Religious Event Observation- Data Collection Forms  
Butler- Tarkington Neighborhood, 9/1996  
Butler- Tarkington News Clippings  
Congregational Summaries  
Neighborhood Summaries  
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox  
Fairview Presbyterian Church Summary, Forms & Misc.  
Faith United Christian Church Forms & Misc.  
Miscellaneous: Interview with Dave Mueller, Prayer Vigil  
Heritage Place  
Faith United Christian Church  
North UMC Miscellaneous (Book: A Celebration of Faith- The Story of North Church)  
North UMC Forms, Miscellaneous & Summary  
Light of the World Missionary Baptist Church Forms  
Meridian Street UMC Forms, Summary, Butler Tarkington, Misc.  
Baha’I Forms  
Caring Community Forms  
Team Assignments  
Martin Luther King Multi-Service Ctr. Miscellaneous  
University Park Christian Church Forms & Misc.  
Heritage Place  
MKNA (Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Assoc.) 1997  
Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis Forms, Summary, Misc.  
Butler- Tarkington, Shaarey Tefilla Forms & Miscellaneous  
Community Programs, Miscellaneous Materials  
St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Forms & Misc.  
Open Table Fellowship Forms 12
Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Assoc. Forms & Misc.  
The Church Within Forms  
Jordan Branch YMCA Forms  
Martin Luther King Multi-Service Ctr. Forms  
St. Ann’s Place Forms & Miscellaneous  
The Sanctuary Movement Forms  
Vivian Smith House Forms & Miscellaneous  
Bethlehem Lutheran Church  
Bethany Bible Chapel  
Carmel, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Carmel Apostolic Church  
  Carmel Bible Church Miscellaneous  
  Carmel Brethren Church Correspondence & Forms  
  Carmel Christian Church Miscellaneous  
  Carmel Friend Meeting  
  Carmel Lighthouse Tabernacle Miscellaneous  
  Carmel Lutheran Church Miscellaneous & forms  
  Carmel UMC Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Carmel Korean Church  
  Christ Church of Glory  
  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  
  Faith Apostolic Church  
  Fellowship in Christ  
  First Baptist Church of Carmel Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Carmel United Methodist Committees, Bulletins, Building Plans  
  Carmel Wesleyan Church  
  Central Christian Church Miscellaneous  
  Carmel Field Notes, Summer 1992  
  Carmel Friends Meeting  
  Grace Community Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Hope Church  
  King of Glory Lutheran Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Korean Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis 13
  Lighthouse Tabernacle Miscellaneous & Forms  
  New Heritage Baptist Church  
  Northview Christian Life Church Forms, Misc.,  Field Notes, Survey, Meetings & Discipleship  
  Orchard Park Presbyterian Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Our Lady of Mount Carmel School  
  Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Pilgrim Fine Arts Series, Pilgrim Lutheran Church Miscellaneous  
  River Oaks Community Church  
  Scott United Methodist Church  
  St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church  
  St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church, 1998  
  St. Mark’s UMC Misc., Forms & Newsletters  
  St. Peter’s United Church of Christ 14
  Woodland Springs Christian Church  
  Faith & Community Program in Carmel, 9/23/1996  
  Carmel Clay Chamber of Commerce  
  Carmel City Organizations  
  Carmel City Information  
  CCC (Congregations in Changing Communities)- Project Instructions, (OUT CARD INSIDE)  
  Phone Survey  
  Carmel Clay Dad’s Club  
  Carmel Clay Historical Society  
  Carmel Clay Homeowners Assoc.  
  Carmel Clay Ministerial Assoc. Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Zoning Department Info- City of Carmel Offices  
  The Heritage of Carmel by Phil Hinshaw  
  A View of Homeplace  
  Carmel: A Second Discovery  
  Carmel Lions Club  
  Carmel Main Street, Incorporation  
  Carmel Sister Cities  
  Carmel Symphony Orchestra  
  Clay Civil Township Trustee Info.- Hamilton County, Indiana  
  Carmel Clay Public Library  
  Hamilton County Alliance  
  Legacy Fund Community Foundation- Carmel, Indiana  
  Works in Progress- Westfield, Indiana  
  Meeting Notes- Dr. Robert Book  
  Contact Lists  
  Demographic Information on Carmel  
  Church Locations  
  Miscellaneous- Civic Organizations  
  Testimony Ministries, Indianapolis  
  Newspaper/ Journal Articles about Carmel  
  Summaries- Carmel Churches & Community Organizations  
  Interviews I & II  
  CWES Field Notes  
  Gray Friends Church  
  Northview Christian Church  
  Field Notes CUMC (Carmel United Methodist Church)  
  CUMC Final Narrative  
  Phone Survey Info  
  Final Reports  
  Carmel/ CUMC Final Reports  
  Community Reports  
  Finances/ Stats- CUMC  
  Boston Meeting  
  Organizational Summaries, Heather Nakonezny Notebook  
  Field Notes & Interviews, Heather Nakonezny Notebook  
  Demographic Profile, Heather Nakonezny Notebook  
  Appendices, Heather Nakonezny Notebook  
  Miscellaneous Files  
Crooked Creek, The Indiana Congregations Archives 15
  Neighborhood Summaries  
  Clippings, Presentation Flyer & Agenda  
  Neighborhood Maps  
  Churches Forms- Annual Session  
  Clergy- Kevin Corn, Miscellaneous  
  Report & Timeline  
  Open House/ Presentation  
  Miscellaneous Information  
  Field Notes  
  Crooked Creek  
  Christian Theological Seminary  
  Clergy, Community Council Field Notes  
  Jewish Community Center  
  Michigan Road Riviera Civic Assoc. Field Notes  
  Multi-service Center Documents & Field Notes  
  Community Council Documents  
  Mennonites, Newspaper Articles  
  Newspaper Articles  
  Michigan Road Riviera Civic Assoc. Documents  
  Government Organizations Documents  
  Augusta Christian church Field Notes & Documents  
  Baha’i- Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Indianapolis  
  Bethesda Temple Apostolic  
  Christ Church Apostolic Field Notes & Documents  
  Christ the King Christian Church Documents & Field Notes  
  Beth- El Zedeck Miscellaneous, Crooked Creek  
  Congregation B’Nai Torah Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Congregation Etz Chaim  
  Covenant Community Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Crooked Creek Baptist Church Documents & Field Notes  
  Eagle’s Nest Baptist Church, Crooked Creek  
  Emmanuel Temple Church, Crooked Creek  
  Crooked Creek Churches Forms- Faith Baptist Church  
  Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church Field Notes  
  Faith United Methodist Church Field Notes & Documents  
  First Mennonite Church- Crooked Creek, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  Geeta Mandal  
  Geeta Mandal of Indianapolis (Hindu)  
  Interfaith Alliance Indianapolis  
  Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation  
  Israel of God’s Church of the White Horses Army Field Notes  
  Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall Documents & Field Notes  
  Lubavitch of Indiana: Merkos L’Iyonei Chinuch  
  Masjid Al-Fajr  
  Northwest Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Progressive Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes & Documents  
  Saint Maur Monastery field Notes  
  Saint Monica Catholic Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis  
  Spiritual Assembly of Baha’is- Indianapolis  
  University United Methodist Church Field Notes  
  Westlane Christian Church Field Notes  
  White Harvest United Methodist Church Field Notes  
  Witherspoon Presbyterian Church Documents & Field Notes  
  Indiana Apostolic Bible Students Assoc.  
  Crooked Creek Plus  
  Beth- El Zedeck  
  Annual Meeting Temp.  
  Web Page/ Newsletter  
Cumberland, The Indiana Congregations Archives 16
  Aldersgate Free Methodist Church- 1998 Forms, Summary & Miscellaneous  
  Antioch Apostolic Church- 1998 Forms, Summary, Miscellaneous  
  Buchanan Counseling Center  
  Buck Creek Baptist Church- 1998 Summary, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  CAFÉ (Community Alliance of the Far Eastside)  
  1998 Cumberland Area General Neighborhood Information  
  Church Membership Lists, 1998 RUC Summer Research visits  
  Eastside Ministerial Alliance  
  1998 Cumberland History  
  Town Hall 1998 Summary & Forms  
  City of Indianapolis, 1998 Summary, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  COME (Community Outreach Ministry, Eastside) 1998 Forms & Summary  
  Cumberland Area Chamber of Commerce 1998 Forms, Misc. & Summary  
  Cumberland Christian Church, 1998 Summary, Forms, & Misc.  
  Cumberland United Methodist Church, 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Faith United Methodist Church- 1998 Forms, Summary, Miscellaneous  
  First Baptist Church of Cumberland, 1998 Summary, Forms, Misc.  
  First Church of the Nazarene, 1998 Summary, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  First Korean UMC, 1998 Summary, Forms, Misc.  
  Heather Hills Baptist Church, 1998 Summary, Forms Miscellaneous  
  Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, 1998 Summary, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  Knights of Columbus/ Our Lady of Fatima Co, 1998 Forms, Summary, Miscellaneous  
  Lancaster Estates  
  Listening Post at Warren Central High School- 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Native American Church, 1998 Summary, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  New Faith Community Church, 1998 Forms, Summary, Miscellaneous  
  OASIS (Older Adult Service & Information System)  
  Old Bethel UMC, 1998 Forms, Summary, Misc.  
  Post Road Christian Church, 1998 Summary, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  Salvation Army- Eastside Corps. Community Center, 1998 Forms, Summary & Miscellaneous  
  St. John United Church of Christ- Cumberland, 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Suburband East Counseling Services  
  Valley Brook Farms Homeowners Assoc., 1998 Forms, Miscellaneous, Summary  
  Warren Baptist Church-1998 Forms, Misc., Summary  
  Warren Branch Library- 1998 Forms, Summary, Misc.  
  COME (Community Outreach Ministry, Eastside)- 1998 Miscellaneous  
  Warren Hills Christian Church- 1998 Summary, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  Warren Township Government Center- 1998 Forms, Summary, Miscellaneous 17
  Cumberland Town Hall, 1998 Miscellaneous  
  Warren Township Schools- 1998 Summary, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  Woodlark Forest Apartments- 1998 Summary, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  Zion Church, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod- 1998 Summary, Forms, Miscellaneous  
Fountain Square- FC, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Friends of Historic Fountain Square Forms & Miscellaneous  
  City County Council- Fountain Square, Miscellaneous Material  
  Fire Department, Fountain Square- Form  
  Fletcher Place Community Center- Fountain Square forms & Misc.  
  Fletcher Place Investment Corp.- Fountain Square Miscellaneous  
  Fletcher Place Neighborhood Assoc. Miscellaneous  
  FS (Fountain Square) News Clippings  
  Builders on the Rock, Inc.- Fountain Square Forms  
  Calvary Tabernacle (United Pentecostal)- Fountain Square Reports, Essays, Thesis  
  Calvary Tabernacle- Miscellaneous, Forms  
  Ted Slutz interviewing Mary Vinci  
  Calvary Tabernacle, Clippings  
  Interviews- Rev. Mollie Clements (Calvary UMC)  
  Interviews- Mary Vinci (Calvary Tab. Neighbor)  
  Calvary UMC- Miscellaneous, Forms  
  Central Wesleyan Church-, Forms  
  Fountain Square Church of Christ, Forms  
  Fountain Square Interviews- Pastor Mike Stufflebeam  
  Church of Christ, Miscellaneous, Forms, Reports, Essays, Thesis  
  Christ’s Open Door Baptist Church, Forms, Reports, Essays, Thesis  
  Church of Christ East Street, Forms  
  Interviews- David Dalton  
  Emmanuel Baptist Church, Forms  
  Edwin Ray UMC, Miscellaneous  
  Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Church, Misc.  
  Emmaus Lutheran Church, Reports, Essays  
  Interviews- Wilma Eickhoff  
  Emmaus Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Fletcher Place UMC, Miscellaneous  
  Evangelist of Truth, Miscellaneous  
  Emmaus Lutheran School, Miscellaneous  
  Interviews- Ken Kisamore (FS Neighborhood Assoc.)  
  Fountain Square UMC, forms  
  Foursquare Gospel Church, Forms  
  Grace Baptist Church, Forms  
  Greater St. James Baptist Church, Forms  
  Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Miscellaneous  
  Holy Trinity Membership Map  
  Iglesia La Nueva Esperamza, Forms  
  Inner City Chapel, Forms  
  Life Unlimited Christian Center- Forms  
  Living Waters Bible Church, Forms  
  Mt. Zion Apostolic Church, Miscellaneous  
  Olive Branch Christian Church, Forms  
  Interviews- Artricia Brown (Olivet Miss. Bpts.)  
  Olivet Missionary Baptist Church, Reports, Essays, Thesis, Forms, Miscellaneous  
  Phillippi Baptist Church, Forms  
  Refuge Memorial Church, Forms  
  Salvation Army, Forms  
  St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran, Forms  
  St. Mark Temple AME Zion Church, Forms  
  Interviews- Rev. Don Claffey (St. Mark Temple)  
  Phillippi Baptist Church-, Miscellaneous  
  St. Marks Lutheran-, Miscellaneous  
  St. Mark Temple AME Zion Church, Misc.  
  St. Patrick Catholic Church, Misc. & Forms  
  Interviews- Frances Lipps (Resident/St. Patrick’s)  
  Interviews- Sr. Mary Slattery (St. Patrick’s)  
  Fountain Square Churches Forms  
  St. Patrick Parish, Reports, Essays, Thesis  
  Salvation Army, Miscellaneous  
  Universal Apostolic Free Church of God, Forms  
  Fountain Square UMC, Miscellaneous  
  University Heights UMC, Miscellaneous  
  Victory Memorial UMC, Miscellaneous, Forms  
  Interviews- Rev. James Mulholland (Victory)  
Fountain Square Clippings  
  U of I (University of Indianapolis) 18
  General, Current  
  Southside Clippings- Churches, General  
  Fletcher Place  
  Fletcher Place Community Center  
  Garfield Park  
  General, People  
  Movie Filmed, Going All the Way, 9/8/1996  
  Manual High School  
  Southeast Organizations, General  
  SE/ Concord Center  
  Pogue’s Run  
  SECP (Southeast Community Organization)  
  Wood High School  
  USCO (United Southside Community Organization)  
  the Turner Building  
Fountain Square- FS,  The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  #1- Neighborhood Description  
  #2- Religious Organizations Description  
  #3- Families, Groups Description  
  #4- Social Services  
  #5- Intentional Community  
  #6- Creation of Community  
  #7- Contributing Factors  
  #8- Belonging, Participation  
  #9- Cooperating Organizations  
  #10- Religions Ideas/ Practices  
  #11- Diversity  
  #12- Leadership  
  #13- Other Important Information  
  Public Forum- GSE (Greater Southeast)  
  Community- Miscellaneous Materials  
  Community Forms  
  Neighbors Assoc.- Miscellaneous Materials  
  Churches & Community Project- Miscellaneous  
  Fountain Area Community Team (FACT)- Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Directory, 1995  
   “The Role of Religion in the Community”  
  Essay- “Fountain Square & Fletcher Place”  
  FAC Project Summary  
  FAC Project (FS) Neighborhood  
  Interviews- Helen Fehr (SEND)  
  Interviews- Art Carroll (Tug Boat Café)  
  Girls Inc. of Indianapolis, FS Center forms & Miscellaneous  
  IPD (Indianapolis Police Dept.)- Misc. & Forms  
  Fountain Square Charette  
  Fountain Square Openhouses  
  Fountain Square (Resident)  
  Koala Centers - Misc.  
  Community Documents- SE Neighborhood Devel.  
  Interviews- Estella Perkins (FS Neighborhood Assoc.)  
  Neighborhood Assoc. Forms  
  Youth Corps- Miscellaneous  
  The Fountain- Miscellaneous  
  Interviews- Linton E. Calvert (FS Merchants)  
  Church Interviews- Sr. Jean Marie Cleveland  
  Interviews- Mildred Groce  
  Interviews- Mary Fuller (Friends of Historic FS)  
  Interviews- Marvin Kirby  
  Friends of Historic Fountain Square- Miscellaneous  
  Interviews- Richard Campi (Friends of Historic FS)  
  Historic NE Fountain Square Neighbors Assoc. Miscellaneous  
  Ted Slutz interviewing Gene Bennett  
  Interviews- D. Eugene Bennett (Prev. Principle)  
  Interviews- Hannah Briner  
  Interviews- Paul Kelly  
  Interviews- Yvonne Margedant (SUMO) [empty]  
  Interviews- Lynda Osborne [empty]  
  Interviews- Karl McClure (SEHC)  
  Interviews- Bulmaro & Maria Solis  
  Interviews- Ronald Stuckey  
  Presentations- Miscellaneous 19
  Historical Clippings  
  Summary Essay, Calvary United Methodist Church  
  Calvary Tabernacle  
  Interviews- Paul Mooney (Reverend)  
  Send (forms)  
GSE- Greater South East, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Southeast Neighborhood Development- Miscellaneous Materials  
  Neighborhood Info  
  General Newspaper Articles  
  Fletcher Place Neighborhood Assoc. Forms  
  Southeast Community Organizations (SECO) Forms & Misc.  
  Southeast Multi- Service Center, Inc. Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Southeast Neighborhood Development Center Forms  
  Southeast Side Preventative Partnership Collaboration- Misc.  
  Southeast Umbrella Organization- Misc. & Forms  
  Southeastern Code Compliance Committee Forms & Misc.  
  Southeastern Housing Improvement & Neighborhood Plan- Misc.  
  Stoghton Fletcher Mansion- Miscellaneous  
  Healthnet Community Health Centers- Miscellaneous  
  Indianapolis Public Library- Miscellaneous  
  IPS (Indianapolis Public Schools)- Miscellaneous & Forms  
  IPS Briefing Session- Miscellaneous  
  Lilly Club- Boys & Girls Club, Indianapolis Forms & Misc.  
  Sanders- Children’s House Clipppings  
  Interview Contact List  
  Bethany Lutheran Church, Misc.  
  Calvary Tabernacle  
  Christian Tabernacle Miss. Baptist Church History  
  Church of Acts Forms & Misc.  
  Garfield Heights Church of Christ Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Garfield Park Church of God Forms  
  Good Shepherd Catholic Church Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Guru Nanak Sikh Society  
  Immanuel United Church of Christ Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Indianapolis Baptist Temple Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Indianapolis Church of the Nazarene Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Baptist Temple Newspaper Clippings, 1959  
  Churches- Indianapolis Baptist Temple Misc.  
  Inner City Baptist Church Forms  
  Advent Lutheran (OUT CARD)  
  Liberation AME Zion Church Forms  
  Missionary Bible Baptist Church Forms  
  Morris Street United Methodist Church Miscellaneous & Forms  
  New Garfield Missionary Baptist Church Forms & Misc.  
  Penick Chapel AME Zion Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Pentecostal Worker’s Assembly Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Sacred Hearth Catholic Church Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Southside Missionary Baptist Church Forms  
  St. Andrew United Methodist Church Miscellaneous  
  St. John Evangelist Catholic Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  St. Roch Catholic Church Miscellaneous  
  Southside Missionary Baptist Church- Miscellaneous  
  Tabernacle Presbyterian Recreation Program Study  
  Tree of Life Full Gospel Church Forms  
  World of Wisdom Metaphysical Bookstore  
  University Heights Christian Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  University Heights UMC Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Victory Chapel Forms  
  Hunger, Inc.  
  Concord Community Development Corp. Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Community/ Historical- Hannah House  
  Near Southside Neighborhood Organization Forms  
  Shepherd Community Forms  
  Community/ Historical- Schools  
  Community/ Historical- Southern Plaza  
  Olive Branch Christian Church Carnival Forms  
  Southside General Clippings  
  Map Transparencies of GSE Parks, Neighborhoods, Churches  
  Church Assignments  
Greenwood, The Indiana Congregations Archives 20
  Public Forum- Greenwood  
  Advent Lutheran Church Forms,  Miscellaneous & Summary  
  Berean Baptist Church Miscellaneous, Summary & Forms  
  Bluff Creek Christian Church Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Calvary Baptist Church Forms, Summary & Miscellaneous  
  Center Grove Presbyterian Church Misc., Summary & Forms  
  Community Church of Greenwood Summary, Forms, Missions Prayer Book & Miscellaneous  
  Concorida Lutheran Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Fairview Fellowship Church Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Faith & Charity Assembly Summary & Forms  
  First Baptist Church of Greenwood Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Friendship Baptist Church of Greenwood Misc. & Forms  
  Grace Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Greenwood Bible Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Greenwood Christian Church Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Greenwood Church of Christ Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Greenwood Fellowship of 7th Day Adventist Forms & Misc.  
  Greenwood Gospel Meetings Forms & Misc.  
  Gospel Meetings  
  Greenwood Presbyterian Church Summary, Misc. & Forms  
  Greenwood UMC Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Greenwood Village South Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Greenwood Wesleyan Church Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Horizon Christian Fellowship Summary, Misc. & Forms (OUT CARD)  
  Mount Pleasant Christian Fellowship Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Northern Park Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Our Lady of the Greenwood Catholic Church Forms & Misc.  
  Southside Christian Vineyard Fellowship Forms & Misc. 21
  Southwood Assembly of God Summary & Miscellaneous  
  Saint Joseph Catholic Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Suburban Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Trinity Broadcasting Network- TV 42 Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Villa Heights Church of God Miscellaneous & Forms  
  White Harvest Christ Fellowship Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Church of Jesus Christ LDS- Greenwood, Forms  
  Greenwood Area Centennial Corp. Miscellaneous  
  Community Organization Forms, History, Miscellaneous  
  Chamber of Commerce Miscellaneous Materials  
  Chamber of Commerce Directory & Demographic Info  
  Community Center Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Ministerial Assoc. Miscellaneous  
  Olde Towne Greenwood Assoc. Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Greenwood Samaratin Services Forms, Summary, Miscellaneous  
  Newspaper Clippings  
  Heritage Baptist University Forms  
  Jeremiah Agency Forms  
  Neighborhood Summaries  
  Congregational Summaries  
  Church List  
  Open House Information  
  Final Presentations  
   Video Script  
  Newspaper Clippings- Community, Churches  
Irvington, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  August 5th Presentations  
  Neighborhood Open Public Forum  
  Final Reports  
  Community Info & News Clippings (OUT CARD)  
  Organizations Assignments  
  Congregational Summaries 22
  Neighborhood Summaries [includes photographs]  
  Community Information Forms  
  Community Events Forms  
  Continental Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Forms  
  Hope Counseling Forms  
  Ministerial Assoc. Forms  
  Southern Baptist Convention Miscellaneous  
  Children’s Guardian Home Forms  
  Children’s Guardian Home Miscellaneous (OUT CARD)  
  Christ Lutheran Church of Irvington Forms  
  Christ Lutheran Church of Irvington Miscellaneous (OUT CARD)  
  Christian Scientist Fourth Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Church of Indianapolis Baptist Fellowship Forms  
  Church of Indianapolis Baptist Fellowship Misc. (OUT CARD)  
  Ellenberger United Church of Christ Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Emerson Avenue Baptist Church Forms, Field Notes, Miscellaneous & History  
  Gethsemane Lutheran Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Holy Ghost Temple Apostolic Church Forms  
  Irvington First Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Irvington Friends Meeting Miscellaneous  
  Irvington Friends Meeting Forms (OUT CARD)  
  Irvington Presbyterian Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Irvington United Methodist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Our Lady of Lourdes Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Potter’s House: Christian Fellowship Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Irvington Friends Meeting Forms  
  Ritter Avenue General Baptist Forms & Miscellaneous (cassette tape)  
  South Irvington Church of the Nazarene Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Southwood Baptist Church Forms  
  Works in Progress [includes slides & photos]  
Lawrence-Geist, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  1998 Lawrence-Geist Area General Neighborhood Information  
  1998 History  
  Agape Christian Church- 1998 Forms & Misc.  
  Asbury UMC- 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Christians United at Soldiers Memorial Chapel- 1998 Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Cornerstone Baptist Church- 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Emmanuel Lutheran Church- 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Ft. Benjamin Harrison Reuse Authority 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Geist Christian Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous 23
  Geist Community Baptist Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Girl Scouts 1998 Summary & Forms  
  God’s Grace Community Church 1998 Forms  
  Good News Church 1998 Forms & Summary  
  Holy Cross Lutheran Church 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Horizon Christian Fellowship Church, 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  International League of Muslim Women  
  Jehovah’s Witness- East Lawrence Congregation 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Kiwanis- Lawrence 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Korean Catholic Community 1998 Forms, Summary & Misc.  
  Lawrence Apostolic Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Lawrence Baptist Church 1998 Forms  
  Lawrence Chamber of Commerce 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Lawrence Christian School 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Lawrence Church of Christ 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Lawrence Church of God 1998 Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Lawrence Church of the Nazarene 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Lawrence Optimist Club Forms  
  Lawrence Township Community Fair 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Lawrence UMC 1998 Forms, Summary & Miscellaneous  
  Maple Grove Baptist Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Mayor’s Office 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Missionary Free Christian Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  New Hope United Baptist Church 1998 Forms  
  Oaklandon Baptist Church 1998 Summary, Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Oaklandon Christian Church 1998 Summary, Misc. & Forms  
  Oaklandon Unitarian Universalist Church 1998 Summary, Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Peace Lutheran Church for the Deaf 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Recovery Tabernacle 1998 Summary & Forms  
  St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church 1998 Forms & Miscellaneous  
  St. Lawrence Church 1998 Forms, Summary & Miscellaneous  
  St. Simon Catholic Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Oaklandon Community Dev. Assoc. 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Servants of Christ Lutheran Church (ELCA) 1998 Forms, Summary & Miscellaneous  
  Sunnyside Road Baptist Church 1998 Forms, Summary & Misc. 24
  Sunnyside Road Church of God 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Sunrise at Geist United Methodist Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Westminster Village North 1998 Miscellaneous, Summary & Forms  
  The Sertoma Club 1998 Summary & Forms  
Mapleton-Fall Creek- MFC, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Development Corp. Final Report, 6/16/1997  
  Miscellaneous Materials  
  MB Archival Summaries  
  Neighborhood Summaries  
  Phone List  
  Church Lists, News Clippings, Interviews (OUT CARD)  
  Administrative- Community Organizations List, Church List  
  Report to Recreation & Ministry Center Task Force, Tabernacle Presbyterian Church  
  Mapleton- Fall Creek Historical  
  Historical Schools  
  Historical: The Christian Advocate (Newspaper)  
  Historical: The Mapleton Fall Creek Gazette (Newspaper)  
  “The Role of Religion” Morgan Franck  
  “The Role of Religion in MFC” Tony Owsley  
  “Mapleton Fall Creek” Final Essay  
  “Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood” Delana F. Ivey  
  “MFC Neighborhood Narrative History 5/1995”  
  “Brief Look at Structural Systems” 10/11/1995  
  Structural Systems (OUT CARD)  
  Community Assessment, 11/12/1995  
    “Creating a Community Blueprint” 2/20/1996  
   “Ministries, Management & Miracles” 1992  
  “Outreach Programs vs. Pastor Residence”  
  Priority List for Transit Reform  
  “Religion in the Neighborhood” 10/3/1996  
  “Religious Institutions as Partners in Community Based Development” 2/1995  
  Timeline (M. Hale) 5/5/1995  
   “Understanding Resources Potential”  
  Journal Training  
  #10, #11, #12  
  Action Center Miscellaneous, Forms  
  Allison Center Forms  
  Allison Christian Community Center Miscellaneous  
  Broadway Shalom Wellness Center Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Center for Leadership Development Forms  
  Day Nursery Lilly Center Forms  
  Drug Marches Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Focus Group- Future’s Institute Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Homes for Black Children Forms 25
  Indiana Black Expo Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership Forms  
  Institute of Cultural Affairs Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Lilly Endowment, Inc. Forms  
  Housing Development Corp. Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Mapleton Medical Center Forms  
  Martin Center Forms  
  MLK Multi-Service Center Forms  
  Midtown Community Adult Health Center Forms  
  Development Corp. Board Miscellaneous  
  Community Development Corp. (MFCDC) Forms  
  Neighborhood Assoc. (MFCNA) Forms, Misc. & Summary  
  Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership Miscellaneous  
  Meridian Park Neighborhood Assoc. Miscellaneous  
  Northside Youth Center Miscellaneous [video tape]  
  Planned Parenthood of Indiana Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Martin Luther King Multi-Service Center Miscellaneous  
  Shalom Zone  
  Turn off the Violence Miscellaneous  
  United Senior Action Miscellaneous  
  MFC #1  
  Map [Mapleton- Fall Creek]  
  MFC #2- #9, #12  
  LE [Individual Data Collection Forms]  
  Susan [Individual Data Collection Forms]  
  Research & Presentation (ISF)  
  Cisheros, Henry  
  Community Organization Summaries  
  Neighborhood Summaries  
  A More Excellent Way [church] Forms  
  Antioch Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Bread of Life Fellowship Forms  
  Methodist- Broadway General History, Membership, Probationers  
  Broadway United Methodist Church Forms, Historical (book review notes), Summary & Miscellaneous  
  Broadway United Methodist Church Miscellaneous 26
  Church of the Living God  
  Communities of Shalom Summary  
  Congregations at 1249 North Alabama  
  Maharishi Vedic University  
  Mid- North Church Council Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Glory Missionary Baptist Church forms  
  Grace Apostolic Summary  
  Holy Spirit Assoc. for the Unification for World Christians Forms  
  [Various Folders OUT CARD]  
  Faithful New Missionaries Baptist Church Forms  
  Faith Teaching Church of Deliverance Miscellaneous & Summary  
  Mid- North Church Council Miscellaneous & Summary  
  Orange Grove Missionary Baptist Church  
  Our Redeemer Lutheran Summary, Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Phillips Temple CME Church Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Seven Star Baptist Church Forms  
  Shiloh Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Stone of Hope Church Forms  
  St. Joan of Arc Catholic Parish Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Tabernacle Presbyterian Church Forms  
  Trinity Episcopal Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  The Unification Church Miscellaneous  
  Unity Fellowship Social Gathering Miscellaneous  
  Unleavened Bread Café  
Mars Hill- The Indiana Congregations Archives 27
  CD- ROM Church Photos [printed copy]  
  Final Draft  
  Report: Public Presentation on Religion & Urban Culture in Mars Hill  
  Church Summaries  
  Church Photos  
  Neighborhood Census Statistical Summaries  
  Sociological History  
  Miscellaneous Stuff to be Saved  
  Historical Maps  
  Final Report/ presentation  
  Newspaper: The Westside Enterprise  
  1998 Mars Hill Area General Neighborhood Information  
  History, 1998  
  Windshield Surveys, 1998 Forms  
  Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Church of Christ Lafayette Heights 1998 Summary, Misc. & Forms  
  Bethul Tabernacle Church 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Boys & Girls Club 1998 Forms  
  Bill’s Barber Shop 1998 Forms  
  Boy Scouts 1998 Forms  
  Charity Tabernacle Church 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Christian Counseling Specialists 1998 Forms  
  Community Caring & Sharing 1998 Forms, Misc. & Summary  
  Eternal Life Tabernacle Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Decatur Township 4-H Fair, Administration 1998 Forms  
  First United Evangelical Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  First General Baptist Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Gethesmane General Baptist Church 1998 Summary, Misc. & Form  
  Greater Decatur Township Ministerial Alliance 1998 Misc., Forms & Summary  
  Jerry’s Produce 1998 Forms  
  Mars Hill Baptist Bible Church 1998 Summary, Misc. & Forms  
  Mars Hill Church of God 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Mars Hill Free Methodist Church- Wabash Conference 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Mars Hill General Baptist Church 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Mars View Christian Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Marwood Baptist Church 1998 Forms, Summary & Miscellaneous  
  Meadowbrook Church of the Nazarene 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  National City Bank 1998 Forms  
  New Life Assembly of God 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Pleasant Heights Baptist Church 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Seerley Creek Christian Church 1998 Summary & Forms  
  St. Ann Catholic Church 1998 Forms, Summary & Miscellaneous  
  St. Vincent de Paul Society 1998 Forms  
  Seventh Day Adventist Church- Chapel West 1998 Summary, Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Southwest Apostolic Church 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Southwest Multi- Service Center 1998 Forms  
  Trinity Bible Missionary Church 1998 Summary, Misc. & Forms 28
  Unity Missionary Baptist Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Westside Church of Christ 1998 Summary & Forms  
Martindale/Brightwood- MB, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Administrative 1998 Census Team  
  Administrative Miscellaneous Brochures  
  Administrative Church List  
  Administrative Historical Narrative  
  Administrative Street Map  
  Time Line  
  Administraive Data Collection Instruments  
  Historical, Andrew J. Brown- Rev. Dr.  
  (OUT CARD)  
  Historical Churches  
  Administrative Community Organizations  
  Block Clubs  
  Community Interviews- Ruby Anderson (Brightwood Library), Abu X. Henderson, Beatrice Berry  
  Church Interviews-  Rev. James R. Daniel, Sr.  
  Community Interviews- Patricia Ladd, Paul Levingston (Urban Community Service), Melanie Martin, Ethel McCane, Derrick L. Robertson (O. Robertson), Juanita Smith, Kathryn Wallace, Hattie L. Wilder (Douglas Center)  
  Historical Abstracts (with publication date, page)  
  Historical Miscellaneous  
  Community Resurrection Partners- Notes & Drafts (also OUT CARD)  
  Andrew J. Brown School  
  Boys & Girls Club (OUT CARD)  
  Boys & Girls Club  
  Brightwood Community Center  
  Brightwood Public Library  
  Brightwood Station Post Office  
  MB Community Development Corp.  
  Douglas Family Center  
  East District Police Station  
  Edna Martin Christian Center  
  Enterprise Community  
  Community Family Nurturing Center  
  1995 Festival of Life  
  Gleaners Food Bank  
  Gospel Meets Symphony  
  Hazel Heart Hendricks School #37  
  Health Net’s  
  Helping Hands Ministry  
  Hillside Neighborhood Assoc.  
  James Thomas Hill Park  
  Jireh Sports  
  Julian Coleman Middle School  
  MB Neighborhood Assoc.  
  National City Bank  
  Oakhill Neighborhood Assoc. Forms  
  Oxford Neighborhood Assoc.  
  Teen Perspective (Teen Awareness) Forms  
  Urban Community Services  
  22nd Street Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Field Notes  
  Religious Institutions Visit Forms  
  All Friends Missionary Baptist Church  
  An Lac Temple (Buddhist) & Miscellaneous  
  Believers in Christ Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Bethel Tabernacle Apostolic Church Documents & Clergy  
  Cathedral of Faith Baptist  
  Christ Mission Home of Refuge Holiness Church Field Notes  
  Church of the Overcoming Field Notes  
  East 91st Street Christian Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Eastside New Hope Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Eastside Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Fellowship Baptist Church, Indianapolis  
  First Free Methodist Church, Indianapolis  
  Gabriel Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Galilee Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes  
  God’s Restoration & Deliverance Ministries  
  Gold Bell Baptist Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Grace Apostolic Church Forms  
  Grace Memorial Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes & Documents  
  Greater Joshua Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes 29
  Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Indianapolis  
  Kingsley Terrace Church of Christ Miscellaneous  
  Little Stone Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Macedonia Church of God in Christ Forms  
  McClendon Tabernacle CME Church Field Notes  
  Martindale Church of Christ Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Mission Temple Church of God in Christ (COGIC)  
  Mt. Pisgah Baptist  
  Mt. Horeb Missionary Baptist Forms  
  Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Field Notes  
  Mt. Zion Baptist Church  
  Mt. Zion Free Will Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Muhammed’s Mosque #74 Field Notes  
  Martin University Miscellaneous  
  Martindale- Brightwood, A Narrative Essay by Carol Henderson  
  St. Nicholas Youth Ministry, Inc.  
  1995 Summary Reports (POLIS Researchers)  
  I-165 Corridor: Historic Structures  
  Indiana Transportation Fact Book  
  Transportation in Indiana: Policies  
  User-Defined Areas Program  
  Political Fragmentation Metro USA  
  New Bethel Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  New Hope Baptist Church Field Notes  
  New Mission Baptist Church Field Notes  
  New Zion Tabernacle Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Oasis of Hope Baptist Church Miscellaneous  
  Pagan Lunch  
  The Pentecostal Church of God Field Notes  
  Phillips Temple CME Church  
  St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church Documents  
  Pilgrim Chapel MBC (Missionary Baptist Church)  
  St. John Missionary Baptist Church Documents & Field Notes  
  St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church Documents  
  St. Paul AME Miscellaneous  
  St. Paul United Methodist Church  
  St. Rita Catholic Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  St. Timothy Tabernacle COGIC Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Scott United Methodist Church  
  Southern Baptist Church Field Notes  
  The Spirit of Truth Church Field Notes  
  These are They Nondenominational Church Field Notes  
  Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Trinity CME Church Miscellaneous  
  True Gospel Tabernacle Field Notes  
  Unity Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Universal Christian Holiness Church #1 Field Notes  
  Victory Christian Center Miscellaneous  
  Zion Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Zion Unity Baptist Church Field Notes  
Near Eastside, The Indiana Congregations Archives 30
  Organization Lists  
  Internal Correspondence  
  Neighborhood History  
  1998 Census Team Near Eastside  
  Presentation, 1996  
  Open House Presentations  
  Report by Karen Thome  
  Time Line  
  NESCO Churches Field Notes  
  News Clippings  
  Neighbor (News Paper)  
  Neighborhood Summaries  
  Newspaper Clippings  
  Brookside Primitive Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Brookside United Methodist Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Centenary Christian Church Documents & Field Notes  
  Charity General Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Della Martin  
  Church of the Little Flower Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  East 10th Street United Methodist Church Field Notes & Misc.  
  East 16th Street Christian Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Eastside Baptist Church Documents  
  Eastside Church of the Nazarene Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Englewood Christian Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Faith Teaching Church of Deliverance  
  Fellowship Baptist Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  First Church of the Nazarene Miscellaneous  
  First Church of the Open Bible Field Notes  
  First Free Methodist Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Freedom Temple Church of God in Christ Field Notes  
  Good News Mission Documents & Field Notes  
  Goodwill Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Greater Shepherd Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes & Misc.  
  Holy Cross Catholic Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Iglesia Metodista Unida Vida Neuva Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Linwood Christian Church Field Notes  
  Living Word Baptist Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Otterbein United Methodist Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Pentecostal Apostolic Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  The Pentecostal Revival Center Field Notes  
  Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of LDS Field Notes,  Miscellaneous & Members  
  St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church Misc. & Field Notes  
  St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  St. Philip Neri Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Shepherd Community Church Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Tuxedo Park Baptist Church Miscellaneous & Census  
  Wallace Street Presbyterian Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Wesleyan Bible Church Documents & Field Notes  
  Westminster Presbyterian Church Field Notes, Membership & Misc. 31
  Woodruff Place Baptist Church  
  Area Youth Ministry Field Notes & Documents  
  Boner Center Documents & Field Notes  
  Brookside Neighborhood Assoc. Field Notes & Documents  
  Brookside Park  
  Child Evangelism Fellowship  
  Cottage Home Neighborhood Assoc. Documents, Field Notes & Summary  
  Eastside Community Investments, Inc. Documents  
  Miscellaneous Community Organizations Documents & Field Notes  
  Multi- Neighborhood Assoc. Events Field Notes & Documents  
  Community Org. (NESCO) Documents & Field Notes  
  Youth Service Coalition  
  Tear Neighborhood Assoc. Documents & Field Notes  
  Windsor Park Neighborhood Assoc. Summary, Field Notes & Documents  
Haughville- Near Westside (HNW), The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Near Westside Polis Project, Staff 1997  
  Newspaper Clippings, etc.  
  Historical Community  
  Photographs (Xeroxed Copies, no originals)  
  Historical Community  
  Church History  
  Near Westside Church Contacts  
  News Clippings  
  Haughville Conv., Letters, etc.  
  Community Activity Field Observation- Initial Drive Through Forms  
  Faith & Community Essay, Near Westside  
  Slovenian Heritage Vol. 1, Slovenian Research Center of America… Inc.  
  Slovenian Chapel, 1968, S. Kapela  
  Census Survey Notes  
  Community Interviews- Loretta Day, Jeff Goltz, James & Pearl Jeter, & Bernadette Stanich  
  The Scoop (publication)  
  POLIS Narrative Critique, Nancy Axelrad 1995  
  1995 Summary Report, Nancy Axelrad  
  1995 Summary Report, Nina Rose  
  Field Notes, Topical Outline (N. Rose)  
  Original Directory  
  Atkins Boys & Girls Club Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Christamore House Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Carter Lee Lumber Company- Superfund, EPA Clean-up  
  Hawthorn Community Center Miscellaneous & Summary  
  Door of Hope Church of the Nazarene  
  Stringtown Neighborhood Assoc. Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Tate’s Barbershop Field Notes & Documents  
  Westside Community Development Corp. Miscellaneous  
  WESCO Miscellaneous  
  Canaan Baptist Church  
  Caldwell Chapel AME Zion Church Summary  
  Christ Church Holiness Field Notes  
  Christian Faith Baptist Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Christian Tabernacle Miss. Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Church of Living God & Saints of Christ Field Notes  
  Church of Manna Field Notes  
  Eden Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes  
  First Timothy Evangelical Lutheran Church Field Notes  
  Fellowship of Excitement Church of Nazarene Field Notes  
  Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  God’s Temple of Deliverance 32
  City-Wide Good News Mission Miscellaneous  
  Great Elim Baptist Church  
  Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Greater Whitestone Missionary Baptist Church Field Notes  
  Harvest Prayer Center Field Notes  
  Hawthorne Baptist Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Holy Trinity Catholic Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  WESCO Field Notes  
  Westside Community Development Corp. Forms  
  Haughville Community Council Documents  
  Jesus is the World Church Miscellaneous  
  Life Tabernacle  
  Little Flock UPW Field Notes  
  Mount Vernon Community Baptist Church Field Notes & Misc.  
  People’s Full Gospel Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Pilgrim Holiness Church Field Notes  
  St. Anthony Catholic Church Miscellaneous & Field Notes  
  Saints Constantine & Elena Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  Second Baptist Church Field Notes  
  St. James Church of God in Christ  
  St. Paul Baptist Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  St. Stephen Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church Field Note & Misc.  
  This Rock Apostolic Church Field Notes  
  Victory Tabernacle Miscellaneous  
  Washington Street Presbyterian Church Field Notes & Misc.  
  Washington Street United Methodist Church  
  West Park Christian Church Field Notes & Miscellaneous  
  City Wide Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ- Downtown  
  Transportation/ US 40  
Plainfield, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  1998 Plainfield History  
  Town of Plainfield 1998 Miscellaneous  
  3rd Continental Congress  
  Greater Plainfield Chamber of Commerce  
  Metropolitan Police Department- Plainfield, Indiana  
  Plainfield Public Library  
  Plainfield Trinity Nazarene Church  
  Screaming Eagles R/C Club  
  White Lick Heritage Community Foundation  
  Restaurants [Plainfield]  
  Schools [Plainfield]  
  Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1998 Summary, Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Calvary Baptist Church 1998 Miscellaneous  
  Calvary Bible Wesleyan Church 1998 Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Calvary Tabernacle 1998 Miscellaneous  
  Center Community Church 1998 Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Christian Support Center 1998 Summary, Misc. & Forms  
  Church of God- Anderson, Indiana 1998 Miscellaneous & Forms 33
  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Plainfield Community Values Program  
  Community Values Committee 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Family Christian Bookstore 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Assembly of God Church 1998 Summary, Misc. & Forms  
  First Baptist Church 1998 Forms, Summary & Miscellaneous  
  Guilford Township Civic Assoc. 1998 Miscellaneous  
  Hope United Presbyterian Church 1998 Summary, Misc. & Forms  
  Islamic Society of North America 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Kiwanis, Plainfield  
  Kristy’s Café 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Living Hope Church 1998 Summary, Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Living World Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Maple Grove Baptist Church 1998 Miscellaneous  
  New Beginning Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  New Testament Missionary Outreach Baptist Church  
  NAIT (North American Islamic Trust)  
  Outreach Missionary Baptist Church 1998 Summary, Misc. & Form  
  Plainfield Apostolic Church 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Plainfield Baptist Church 1998 Miscellaneous  
  Plainfield Bible Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Plainfield Christian Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  PL (Plainfield) Church Federation (& WRE)  
  Plainfield Church of Christ 1998 Summary, Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Plainfield Church of the Nazarene 1998 Miscellaneous  
  Unity Community Church of the Nazarene  
  Plainfield Congregation of Jehovah’s Witness 1998 Summary, Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Plainfield Friends Meeting 1998 Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Plainfield Holiness Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Plainfield Juvenile Correctional Facility  
  Town Manager 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Plainfield United Methodist Church 1998 Miscellaneous & Forms  
   Plus 1998 Summary, Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Rotary 1998 Forms & Summary  
  St. Luke Lutheran Church 1998 Miscellaneous  
  St. Marks’s Episcopal Church 1998 Summary, Miscellaneous & Forms  
  St. Stephen’s Lutheran (ELCA) 1998 Summary & Forms  
  St. Susanna Catholic Church 1998 Miscellaneous  
  St. Steven Lutheran 34
  West Pines Baptist Church 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Western Yearly Meetings- Friends 1998 Misc., Summary, Forms  
  Church Literature  
  Miscellaneous Materials  
  Community Miscellaneous Materials  
  Town Meeting Feedback  
  United Methodist Church Miscellaneous  
Speedway, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Telephone Directory 1998/ 1999  
  History 1998  
  1998 Speedway Area General Neighborhood Information  
  Church of Christ High School Road 1998 Forms & Miscellaneous  
  First Assembly of God Church 1998 Forms, Misc. & Summary  
  John Knox Presbyterian Church 1998 Summary, Misc. & Forms  
  Kiwanis Speedway  
  Little Eagle Creek Primitive Baptist Church 1998 Miscellaneous, Forms & Summary  
  Speedway Baptist Church 1998 Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Speedway Chamber of Commerce 1998 Forms & Summary  
  Speedway Christian Church 1998 Misc., Summary & Forms  
  Speedway Church of Christ 1998 Summary, Misc. & Forms  
  Speedway Church of the Nazarene 1998 Summary, Forms & Misc.  
  Speedway High School 1998 Summary & Forms  
  Speedway Jr. High School 1998 Forms & Summary  
  Speedway Lion’s Club 1998 Forms, Misc. & Summary  
  Speedway Optimists  
  Police Department  
  Public Library  
  Town Hall 1998 Forms & Summary  
  Town Press 1998 Forms & Summary  
  Speedway United Methodist Church 1998 Forms, Summary & Misc.  
  St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church 1998 Forms, Summary & Misc. 35
  St. Christopher Catholic Church 1998 Miscellaneous, Forms, Summary & History  
  St. Christopher School 1998 Miscellaneous & Forms  
  St. John’s Episcopal Church 1998 Summary, Miscellaneous & Form  
  St. Luke’s United Church of Christ 1998 Summary, Forms &Misc.  
  Needs Folders [Beverly Hayes & Minetta Richardson Interviews]  
  Agape Apostolic Faith  Assembly Miscellaneous  
  28th Street Church of God in Christ Forms  
  Barnes United Methodist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Carter Memorial Baptist Church Forms  
  Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Assembly Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Christian Love Baptist Church Miscellaneous  
  Church of Christ Holiness Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Church of God Forms  
  Coppin Chapel AME Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church Miscellaneous & Forms  
  First Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  First Free Will Baptist Church Forms  
  God’s Temple of Deliverance Summary  
  Greater Mount Zion Hill Baptist Church Forms  
  Greater Love Temple Forms  
  Harding Street Church of God Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Holy Angles Catholic Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Indianapolis Missionary Lutheran Miscellaneous  
  Loving Missionary Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Marian College Miscellaneous  
  Messiah Missionary Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Missionary Baptist Ministers Alliance Forms  
  Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Mount Paran Missionary Baptist Church Forms & Misc.  
  Mount Zion Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  New Genesis CME Church Miscellaneous & Forms  
  Northside New Era Baptist Church Forms  & Miscellaneous  
  Our Savior Lutheran Evangelical Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Pathway Missionary Baptist Church Forms  
  Pilgrim Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Pleasant Union Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Providence AME Church Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Puritan Baptist Church Miscellaneous  
  Saint Anthony’s Temple Forms & Miscellaneous  
United Northwest Area-UNWA, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  UNWA Trinity Episcopal- Newspaper Clippings & Miscellaneous  
  True Tried Missionary Baptist Church Forms & Miscellaneous 36
  Church Alliance Forms  
  Public Forum-  
  Congregation Summaries  
  Neighborhood Summaries  
  Organizational Assignments  
  News Clippings, Riverside Park Clippings, Miscellaneous Churches Clippings & Fr. Boniface Hardin  
  Field Notes (Nina Rose)  
  Interviews with UNWA Residents & Youth  
  Open house  
  Presentation Slides [transparencies]  
  Community Organizations Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Flanner House Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Front Porch Alliance, Pastor’s Workshop, 11/3/1997  
  Indianapolis Police Department Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Planned Parenthood Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Development Corp. Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Neighborhood Assoc. Forms & Miscellaneous  
  Weed & Seed  
  Neighborhood Summit  
Citywide, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Archdiocese of Indianapolis  
  Baptist Bible College (Citywide)  
  Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention- Congregations Advisory Council  
  Front Porch Alliance  
  Indiana Catholic Conference  
  Indiana Youth Institute  
  Interfaith Hospitality Network  
  Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention  
  Celebration of Hope Documents & Field Notes  
  Eastern Star Baptist Church  
  Indians In Indianapolis  
  Indianapolis Prayer Network  
  North American International Eucharistic Conference Field Notes & Documents  
  Interfaith Leadership Council on Radical Reconciliation  
  Serve the City Field Notes & Documents  
  Saints Peter & Paul Cathedral  
  Christ Church Cathedral- Downtown  
  Traders Point Christian Church  
  Faith & Families of Indiana  
  Light of the World Christian Church  
  Second Presbyterian Church, Meridian Hills  
  Southport Presbyterian Church  
  St. Mary Catholic Church  
  St. Paul AME Church  
  Citywide Case Study: African Americans  
  Inventory (McKee)  
  Final Report (McKee)  
  Miscellaneous 37
  Neighborhood Newsletters & Bulletins  
  Buddhist (others)  
  Mission Indy  
  Muslim- Masjid Al Fajr, Other, International League of Muslim Women, Muhammad’s Mosque No. 74, & Islamic Society of North America  
  Glossary Project  
  POISED- DART.: Congregationally Based Community Organization  
  Annotated Bibliography  
  Scientology, Church of- Indianapolis Mission  
  Material from POISED  
  Sikh Satsang of Indianapolis  
  Sikh- Guru Nanak Sijh Society  
  Simat Yeshua  
  Pagan, Neo-pagan, Wiccan, etc.  
  Jireh Sports  
  Family Nurturing Center  
  CDC (Community Development Corporation)  
  Benevolence Fund  
  Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Announcements, etc.  
  Community Resurrection Partnership Miscellaneous  
  Stuart Street Planning  
  Reach Out & Restore (ROAR) Community Development Center  
  Youth Out of the Education Mainstream  
  Indiana Assoc. of Home Educators  
  Community Observation (M. Jackson) COG International Convention  
  Church Observations (M. Jackson) Grace Apostolic Church  
  Celebration of Hope (Market Square Arena)  
  Christian Expo 1996, Opening Ceremony  
  Community Observations, Region Conference LDS Church  
  Hispanic Clergy  
  Community Survey (Roger Parks)  
  POLIS Survey of Religious & Social Involvement  
  Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center/ Newsletter  
  UNCF (United Negro College Fund)  
  Missionary Baptist Minister’s Alliance of Indianapolis  
  Wheeler Mission: North Delaware- Downtown  
  Eastern Star, Citywide Miscellaneous  
  Indianapolis General Articles  
  Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center  
  Indianapolis Suburban Profiles  
  Faith & Families  
  Faith & Families- Other Cities  
  Interfaith Alliance, Indianapolis  
  Indianapolis Center for Congregations  
  Lilly Endowment  
  Interfaith Hospitality Network Newsletter, Statistics, Heather’s [file], Media, Friends of Central Ave. Church, Openhouse, Finances/ Fundraising, Coordinator’s Meeting, Host Congregations  
  Interfaith Hospitality Network National, Board (1996/97, 1998), Miscellaneous & Current  
  Metro Community Church CHIP (Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention) Citywide  
  United Way  
Billy Graham, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  History & Links, People, Organization & Articles  
  Billy Graham Evangelistic Assoc. History  
  Audits: 1959, 1980, 1999  
  Crusade, 1980 38
  Coverage in Charlotte, 1999  
  Crusade Newsletter, 1959  
  Blowers/Graham Relationship, 1959  
  Crusade, 1959  
  1959 Crusade Handouts/ Givaways, Organizers/ Church Participants, News clippings, Political Relationships  
  1999 Crusade Programming, Partners/ Participation, Faith at Work Magazine  
  Indiana Crusade 1999, Webster Materials  
  St. Louis Crusade, 1999  
  Mordecai Ham, Willis Graham Haymaker, Roger Malsbarry, Texe Mars, Vernon Patterson, Billy Sunday & Herbert John Taylor  
  letters of Invitation, 1999  
The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation  
  Judaism- Forms  
  Jewish- General  
  Case Studies: Kevin Corn  
  Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church [history]  
  New Bethel Baptist Church- Wanamaker, Indiana  
  Pleasant View Lutheran Church  
  St. John’s United Church of Christ (Cumberland)  
  Trader’s Point Christian Church  
  Union Chapel UMC  
  Valley Mills Friends  
  West Newton Friends Meeting  
  Zion Lutheran Church, New Palestine  
  Buddhist/ POLIS Glossary  
  Hispanic Indianapolis  
  Romanian Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox  
  Islamic Society of North America  
  Islam Observation Forms  
  Islamic Society of North America Annual Reports & Periodicals  
  Responsive Communities Vol. 1 & 2  
  Faith & Economic Struggle, Newspaper- Archives  
  Readings for Seminar  
  St. Luke’s United Methodists  
  MFC 2  
  Martindale/ Brightwood  
  Near Eastside  
  Rev. Hitchens  
  Black Chamber of Commerce  
  Coding/ RIHID  
  Black Stuff  
  Community Spaces Piece  
  Crooked Creek 39
  Dr. Joseph T. Taylor history, Chamber of Commerce release forms  
Interviews, The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Harkness, Jerry- United Way, by Carolyn Strawbridge  
  Blackburn, Walter- by Steve Sullivan  
  Annee, Paul- Police Dept. by Bill O’Donnell & M. Strawbridge  
  Blair (no first name)  
  Stone, Floyd Carl- by Dick Hester & Judith Warren  
  Richardson, Roselyn- by Karla Poindexter & David Jose  
  Gibbs, Wilma  
  Interview Release Forms  
The Indiana Congregations Archives  
  Greenbriar Neighborhood Project  
  Mayor’s Office Presentation  
  Alban Institute, Inc. Presentation to Board of Trustees  
  Faith & Economic Struggle Maps & Statistics  
  Letters of Transmittal, Maps & Transparencies  
  Wesley United Methodist Church History & 40th Anniversary  
  Farnsley, Art- Essays, Presentations  
  Teaching the Role of Religion in American History, Project Material  
  American Ethics Campaign  
  “Faith & Economic Struggle”  
  Indiana Business Research Center Reports  
  Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee Report  
  Marion County Statistics, 1990  
  Human Rights Abuses in Indiana Prisons  
  Deputy Prosecutor Crime Reports Stats, 1992  
  Mapleton- Fall Creek  
  Carmel/Clay Planning & Progress  
  Fountain Square  
  Westside, Community Study  
  UNWA (United Northwest Area)  
  Southeast Area  
  Crooked Creek  
  Maps (Census, IPD, etc.)  
  Indianapolis & World  
  [POLIS Staff Folder]  
  [Gospel Meets Symphony] 40
  Shelby Library  
  POLIS Reference Material  
  Needs to be Formatted  
Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis  
  Query- Articles regarding CF from Indianapolis Star- News  
  Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis  
  Notes- POLIS Research Focus on Religious Philanthropy 1930-1970  
  Suburban Church Planning  
  Bibliography, Church Chronologies, Index  
  Revised Second Draft  
  People Index  
  McKee Interviews  
  Prayer Vigil  
Allied Groups/ Events  
Re: Bibliography  
Celebration of Hope  
Church Federation of Chicago  
Church Federation Communication  
Federation Board Lists & Forecast (Newsletter)  
Indianapolis Star/ News  
Loving Our Children  
McKee, Susan  
Miscellaneous Federation Publications  
Prayer Vigils, Media Advisory  
Towne, Marian K.  
Walker-Smith, Angelique  
Winders, C.H.  
Becker- From Sovereign to Servant…  
Corn, Kevin: Country Faith & City Growth…  
Diamond, Etan  
  Spirits of the Past: The Contemporary Relevance…  
  Places of Worship: Historical Geography  
  Uptown, Downtown, Northside, Southside…  
  Religion & the Creation of New Community…  
Dorsey, Margaret: Imagined Communities  
Estvill, Margie: Billy Graham Crusade Research Roundtable, 2/2000  
Everett, Deborah Stuart: Doing Sociology  
Farnsley, Art 41
  Analytical Discussion, 7/2/1998  
  Reflections on Public Research Methods…  
Feeley, Rebecca: Outreach Programs vs. Pastor Residence in Mapleton- Fall Creek, 8/7/1996  
Fisher, Amanda: The Religious Youth of Indianapolis 1940-1950  
Hale, Mischelle: [Civil Religion] Parts 2 & 3  
Hickman, Jason: Analysis Paper, 7/31/1996  
Lantzer, Jason S  
  The ABC’s of Community… [OUT CARD]  
  Indianapolis’s Southside  
  Religious & Unigov in Indianapolis  
Manheim, Alexis: Religion Education in Indianapolis, 1940-1970  
McKee, Susan: Old Wine into New Wineskins…  
Mapes, Mary  
  Private Voluntary Organizations & the Welfare State  
  Religion & Social Welfare in Indianapolis  
Puskar, Margaret: Working Together, Working Apart  
Sample, Brad: Doing God’s Commission: Religious Philanthropy  
Woods, Marcus Eugene II: A Study of Ethnicity of Population  
Shipps, Jan  
  Religion in Mid-size Cities (Book Proposal)  
  SLC: The Center Place as Urban Space  
  Religion in the Urban Environment  
  Religion & the City  
  Cycles of Hope & Despair  
  Patterns of Urban Congregational & Denominational…  
Simpson, Tyrone: Looking for Ahmad: Divine Intervention in…  
Slutz, Ted: Conservative Protestantism in Indy…  
Vanderstel, David  
  History of the Public Interest: a Tale of 2 Cities  
  Finding Common Ground in the Circle City…  
Wagner, Sarah: Cultured of Country?  
Wedam, Elfriede  
  Comment on Heidi Unruh, “Saving Souls…”  
  Ethno-Racial Diversity, 10/21/1999  
  The Mosaic of Black Religion in Indianapolis  
  More Insider/ Outsider Dilemmas in Community Research Studies  
  Ethno-Racial Diversity within Religious Congregations in Indianapolis  
Zeigler, Connie: Civil Religion Part 1 & 4  
Historical Essays  
Indianapolis: Performance Standards & Measures  
Bodenhamer, David: Public Teaching, Public Learning  
Staff Pack- Master  
The POLIS Center Flyer  
Scott & Scott Research Proposal: Difference Between White & Black Churches  
Faith & Community (FAC)  
  Training Evaluation Form [Blank]  
  March to November, 1996  
  Year 1 Workbook  
  Search Packet  
  Presentation Invitations,  Flyers, Presentation Agendas & Write-ups  
  8/7/1996 Presentation  
  Letter & Poster concerning Availability of Researcher for Summer 1997  
  Interim Report, Training Manual,  5/1997  
Religious Education Pilot Materials- Master  
Information & Resources Network  
  Planning Strategy, 7/14/1996  
  Interim Report, 5/1997  
  Advisory Committee Minutes, 6/4/1997  
Neighborhood Openhouse Flyers & Letter  
Falling Toward Grace  
  Authors lists, letters  
  9/1/1998 Book Launching  
History of Indianapolis from a Religious Perspective (HIRP)  
  Timeline to 1993  
  Indianapolis Project on History from a Religious Perspective  
  Religious History of Indianapolis  
  Indianapolis History from a Religious… Signed Agreement, 1995  
  Etan Diamond- Proposed Focus of RUC Project’s History of Religion  
  Correspondence (Internal)  
  Personnel, Resumes, Project Coordinator- Search Process  
  Religious History of Indianapolis Final Report, Year Two 42
  IRHA Final Report 1995, Grant 930534  
  Evaluation Materials for History of Religion, sent to K. Cozen  
  Newspaper Clips  
  History of Religion in 20th Century Indianapolis , 11/1996  
  History … 20th Century Indy Interim Report, 5/1997  
Presenting the Past, Brochures  
[?] Annual Reports [OUT CARD]  
Traces Articles, Sacred Spaces, Master  
Voices of Faith Galleys  
Falling Toward Grace Archival Copies [1 actual book]  
Voices of Faith Archival Copies [2]  
Curriculum Video Request for Proposals  
Briefing Book [Religion & Urban Culture]  
Survey- double side  
Creative Arts [& Religion]  
Info & Resources Network  
Staff Minutes  
Congregational Maps  
Voices of Faith  
  General Info  
  Rev. Frank Alexander  
  Diane Arnold, Helen Fehr  
  Cliff Hatcher  
  Rev. Harry Huxhold  
  Rev. Melvin Jackson  
  Father Arthur Kelly  
  Paul Kelly  
  Rev. Shedrick Madison  
  Al Polin  
  Edna Martin  
  Rev. Jim Mulholland  
  Estella Perkins,  
  Mae Woodson,  
  Dr. Sue Ann Yovanovich  
Understanding Religion Pilot (URP)  
  All Souls Unitarian Church  
  Bethlehem Lutheran Church  
  Church at the Crossing,  
  Ellenberger UCC  
  First Friends  
  Light of the World  
  Oasis of Hope  
  Pilgrim Lutheran Church  
  St. Alban’s Episcopal Church  
  St. Marks UMC  
  Wesley UMC  
  Zion Evangelical UCC  
  St. Pius X Roman Catholic Church  
Faith & Economic Struggle Newspaper & Testing Report  
Teaching About Religion Curriculum  
LCD Panel Information, 7/25/1996  
Fatima House  
[Religion as a Window on Culture Workshop Folders]  
[POLIS Center Newspaper Articles]  
[Making Religion Education Local: Story to Story]  
[Religion as a Window on Culture, Leader’s Guide]  
Teaching the Role of Religion in American History 43
Clergy Committee Guiding Questions  
Faith & Community Thesis Statement  
History Component Research Plan  
Park Tudor Syllabus  
Hispanic Project Outline  
Creative Arts Letters & Potential Authors  
Census Tract Maps  
Neighborhood Overlays  
Phase 1-3  
Faith & Community Researcher List/ Bios 1996  
Indianapolis Statistics  
Information Resources Survey  
Organizational Chart  
  Faith & Community  
  Religion & Urban Culture (RUC)  
Holy Trinity Membership Map  
Indianapolis Congregants of Witherspoon  
Progressions Magazine  
Indianapolis Center Information  
Religious History Database Manual- Master  
Reverse Commuting Program in Marion County- Master  
RUC Long Description (Staff Pack)  
Project on RUC: An Overview, 5/1997  
Church Federation: 1930s- 1960s  
1918-1923 Minutes of Church Federation of Indianapolis  
Church Federation  
1998 Indianapolis Community Assessment  
Youth Miscellaneous 44
Database & Coding Categories  
Block Groups, Census Tracts, Population- Program (transparencies)  
Youth Grant Research  
Our Redeemer  
November Practice Schedule, 1992-1993  
E. 10th UMC, AYM, Mentoring, HIPPY, YJPP…  
Preschool Data & Survey Responses  
Near East Side Youth Summit  
Indiana Street Youth Campaign  
Homeless Youth  
HIV Information  
STD’s & Youth  
Eastern Howard County  
Cumberland & 1998 Summer Info  
Cumberland Analysis  
Demographic Packet, Originals- NESCO  
Write-ups To Do  
[Karen Thome- INRC (Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center)]  
NES, F & C File  
Neighborhood Youth Program Workshops  
CIRCL info/ newsletters  
[Karen Thome- Shreveport Community Renewal Material]  
Near East Side Neighbor [newspaper]  
Front Porch Alliance (FPA)  
Drawer 49 Miscellaneous  
Focus Group  
FPA Roundtables  
[Interviews on Cassette Tapes] 45
[Interviews on Cassette Tapes] 46
Interviews 47
  Boyle, Pat (St. Joan of Arc)  
  Clements, Molly & Ripple, Clair  
  Shedrick Madison  
  Lemler (no first name),  
  Lyle McKee  
  Rev. Moore  
  Rev. Russ  
  Jim  Mulholland  
  Sr. Mary Slatterly,  
  Michael Stufflebeam  
  Paul Mooney  
  Rev. Oliver DeWayne Walker  
Inventory lists  
  MFC Interview Tapes  
  HNW Interview Tapes  
[Interviews on Cassette Tapes]  
Video Tapes 48
  Juneteenth Announcement & Rejoicing, 6/12/1999 & Funeral Procession Enactment 6/13/1999  
  Betty Hayes, Everette Greene, Tanita Gillum- 8/18/1999  
  Greg Bonds Car Ride, Sojourner Truth  
  Crown Hill Town of African American Graves, Robert Laster Barber Shop, Sojourner Truth  
  Second Baptist Choir Director Dave Edgerton… 9/30/  
  Dr. James Mumford, African American Choral Singer 9/23/1999  
Religion as a Window on Culture 49
  Interview Transcripts  
  Final Scripts  
  Camera Tape Logs  
Religion as a Window on Culture- Video Tapes  
  Episode 1-6  
  Sacred Traditions- Hour 1 & 2  
  Faith & Community in Broad Ripple  
  Mapleton-Fall Creek, Statehouse  
[Interviews on Cassette Tapes]  
[Interviews on Cassette Tapes] 50
Wedam, Elfriede Files  
[Miscellaneous- includes computer disk]  
Stringtown Survey Report, 1985  
Indiana Boys School Experiences 1955-1987, Chaplain Edison C. White  
Faith & Families  
[Census Tables]  
Encyclopedia of Indianapolis materials  
[Broad Ripple United Methodist Church- includes CD]  
1084 Congregation Maps  
History of West Indianapolis, vol. 1 by John Repass  
POLIS Center- Tripod Media Article (slides)  
 “My Soul Says Yes”… & “Moral Vision & Public Mission…” by Robert Michael Franklin  
Indianapolis Center for Congregations Program  
Faith into Action Workshop Folder & Resource Guide  
Church Maps  
[Miscellaneous Publications/ Newsletters]  
Plainfield Miscellaneous  
The IAHE Informer 1999-2001 (Indiana Assoc. of Home Educators)  
Unitarian- All Souls- Scrapbook 51
Copy of Original Minutes- Acton Baptist Church, 1/13/1866  
Lick Creek Church Book [copies] 12/1847-1/1863  
Ameritech Youth Yellow Pages  
University Park Christian Church  
First Meridian Heights Presbyterian Church Miscellaneous  
Indiana Assoc. of Home Educators  
[NUVO featuring article about Sayyid Syeed]  
Beth-el… [OUT CARD]  
Case Study in… Beth-el Zadeck [OUT CARD}  
Trinity Episcopal Church- Parish Profile  
First Mennonite Church  
[Violence Against Islamic Center, Article]  
The Christian Business Phone Book- Central Indiana, 2000  
Pastors’ Feedback on POLIS Data, 3/23/1996  
UNWA Administrative Notes  
St. Elizabeth’s Pregnancy & Adoption Services  
Sacred Heart Mailing List, 1900-1994 from Bill Mirola  
Centerpiece (Newsletter) Vol. 1, No. 1-3  
[Archdiocese of Indianapolis Material]  
[Miscellaneous Brochures]  
The School Report- Prudential Real Estate & Relocation Solutions  
[Miscellaneous Flyers, Brochures & Newsletters]  
PL Photos [sealed envelope]  
Calvary Tabernacle Presents: “Calvary” A Musical/ Drama, 1995 [Video Tape]  
Social Conditions in Marion County, 1978 52
Near Northeast Section Neighborhood Analysis, 1959- Health & Welfare Council  
North Central Section Area Analysis, 1961- Health & Welfare Council  
Community Service Council of Indianapolis “Inner City Report” 1961  
South Central Area Analysis, Community Service Council, 1961  
Southwest Area Analysis: Population, Housing & Social Services 1976  
Catholic- Archives Holdings, 7/1997  
Women & Religion, Summer 1996  
Northeast Section Neighborhood Analysis 1959  
Church Federation- Religion Survey  
Presbyterian- Second, General History  
Religion & Philanthropy, Summer 1996  
[Miscellaneous Articles]  
Martindale-Brightwood Historical  
[Fletcher Place]  
Church Membership & Growth  
Martindale- Brightwood Reports, Essays, History  
Wheeler Mission