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Kelley School of Business Records, 1962-2005

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Indiana University established a School of Commerce and Finance in 1920. The school was renamed the School of Business Administration in 1933, and finally named the School of Business in 1938. The school operates two campuses-one in Indianapolis and one in Bloomington-following the reorganization in 1974. In 1997 the School of Business on both campuses is renamed the Kelley School of Business after alumnus E.W. Kelley.

Records include: correspondence, minutes, reports, publications, and other materials.


Personnel and student records and other personal information in these records are restricted. All other material is open to the public without restriction. Copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials.


Cite as: Kelley School of Business Records, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


Accessions: A81-5, A81-9, UA-031.


Business - Study and teaching
Business schools - Indiana
IUPUI (Campus)
Kelly School of Business


This preliminary inventory serves as an interim guide to the described records. A finished finding aid based on final appraisal and arrangement of the records of this university unit will be prepared at a future date.


Contents Box
Faculty Positions 1
  Managerial Accounting, 1974  
  Financial Accounting & Taxation, 1974  
  Management (Behavioral), 1974  
  Management (Simulation)1974  
  Finance, 1974  
  Interviewed, 1975  
Resumes- Chairmanship, Division of Business Administration, 1974-1975  
Prospective Faculty, 1974-1975  
Rejection Letters, 1974-1975  
Proposed Degree Programs, 1970s  
Re- Admission, 1970s  
Regional Campus Business Studies Committee, 1970s  
Placement, 1970s  
Professional Practice Program, 1973-1975  
Reorganization- School of Business, 1972-1974  
Business Minors  
Annual Business Conference, 1970s  
Graduate Affairs Committee, 1976-1978  
Continuing Education, 1971-1977  
Learning in the City, 1974-1975  
International Programs, 1973-1976  
Scheduling, Fall 1978  
Budgetary Affairs Committee, 1973-1974  
Catering, 1978  
Trustee Agendas, 1978  
Dean Howard G. Schaller, 1976  
Student Services Advisory Committee, 1978-1979  
Faculty Council Minutes 2
  Bloomington, 1966-1967  
  IUPUI, 1/1972- 12/1972  
Higher Education Guidelines, 1972  
Schuyler’s Serial File, 6/1976- 12/1975  
[Miscellaneous Correspondence]  
[Administrative File of Faculty & Dean Info- Old Files to be Sorted]  
Proposed Class Schedules, ca. 1973  
[Faculty Database Loaders, 1974]  
[Victor E. Childers File for Sabbatical Leave, 1973]  
Position Announcements, 1975  
IUMIS (IU Management Information System)  
Committee Meetings, Announcements, 1970  
Student Services Advisory Committee, 1971-1972  
  University Faculty Council Meeting, 1970-1971  
  Economics Faculty, 1971  
  Faculty Amendments, 1971  
  Full-Time Faculty, 1970-1971  
  Full-Time Faculty Inquiries, 1970-1971  
IUPUI Procedures, Regulations, Maps  
Pamphlets, Leaflets, etc.  
Part-Time Faculty Inquiries, 1970-1971  
By-Laws of Faculty Assembly, 1970  
Chart Room Briefing Material1971-1972  
Special Announcements, Lectures, etc., 1970-1972  
Special Bills & Current Items, 1971  
Textbook Information  
Arts & Sciences Bulletins, 1971-1972  
Committee Meeting- Downtown Campus Representatives Assembly, 1971  
CPA Materials 3
Degree Requirements, 1967-1970  
Registration & Admission- Inter-Dept., 1969-1971  
Academic Planning Council- Buhner Meeting, 1971  
Student Activities Committee, 1971  
Student Employment Possibilities  
Enrollment Projection, 1971  
Full Dean’s Council, 1971  
Placement, 1969-1972  
Student Activities & Services, 1971-1972  
Student Affairs Committee, 1970-1971  
Student Senate, 1971  
Correspondence, 4
  Schaller’s 1977  
  1960s Applicants A- Z  
  Correspondence, 1972  
Faculty Meetings, 12/1969- 11/1975, 1/1976-11/1977  
Recommended Procedure for Promotion of IUPUI Faculty, 9/1971  
Scheduling, 1974-1977  
Fall 1975-1976, Spring 1976-1977  
  1974 [Recruiting]  
  1971-1973 5
Chart Room Briefing, 1971-1972  
NCA, 1972  
Individual Files- INDM, RESTRICTED  
  Thomas J. Faulconer, 1968  
  Gosselin, Jean Paul1968  
  Hassebrock, Jerry G, 1967-1969  
  Higgins, F.D. , 1968-1969  
  Krisel, John-, 1968  
  Pellagrini, Frank, 1970  
  Walton, Freeman F, 1969  
Business, 1960s  
Kent R. Nilsson, 1974  
Walter E. Greene, 1974  
Donald L. Madden, 1974 RESTRICTED  
Search & Screen Material  
  Committee, 1970-1972  
  Douglas Austin, Search & Screen Candidate, 1970  
  Cravens, David W. (Candidate for Chairman), 1970  
  Jack H. Holland, Search & Screen Candidate, 1970  
  Thomas A. Petit, Search & Screen Candidate, 1970 RESTRICTED  
Prospective Faculty  
  - Full Time, 1972-1973 RESTRICTED  
  Prospects, 1973  
  Prospective Faculty Members  
  Faculty- New Appointments, 1973  
  Prospective Faculty: Full Time Applicatants, 1972-1973  
  Candidate for Chancellor- Resumes, 1973  
  Part-Time Faculty, 1972-1973 RESTRICTED  
  White’s Evaluations, 1974-1975  
  Prospective Faculty: Part-Time (Accounting, Business Education, Finance, Management, Marketing), 1975-1976  
  Applications: Part-Time Instructors, 1975-1976  
  Part-Time Instructors Inquiries, 1974-1975  
  Prospective Faculty: Part Time (Accounting & Business Education), 1974-1975  
  Prospective Faculty: Part-Time, 1974-1975 (Finance, Insurance, Law, Management, Marketing, Personnel & Organizational Behavior, Real Estate, Transportation) 6
  Prospective Faculty: Interviews, Full-Time, 1973-1974  
  Prospects ( & Not Interested), 1973-1974  
  Recruiting Prospective Faculty, 1972-1975  
  Prospective Faculty: Full Time Position Interviews, 1972-1973  
Academic Planning Council, 1971-1972  
IUPUI MIS Task Force, 1972  
Grad Programs  
  Canfield, John  
  Davis, Ronald  
  Underwood, James H. (Business)  
Faculty Files- RESTRICTED  
  Beplat, Raymond A. (Accounting)  
  Barunas, P.J. (Management), 1969-1970  
  Bonwich, William T. (Business), 1970  
  Etzel, Michael J. (Business), 1969  
  Hines, Mary Alice (Business), 1969  
  Kafiris, Vasilios B., 1969  
  McClain, John O. (Business), 1969  
  Morris, George P. (Business), 1969  
  Undergrad., 1964- 1982, 1984-1992, 1994/96, 1998/2000  
  Graduate, 1966-1971  
  Graduate, 1971- 1981, 1985-1989, 2001-2005 7
  Division of Business & Administration s, 1973-1976  
Executive Program, 1981  
Undergraduate Program Newsletter, 1979- 1982  
Publications & Brochures, 1980s- School of Business  
MBA News, 1982-1984  
It’s Your Business [Newsletter], 1993  
Annual Report -School of Business, 1974-1975  
Miscellaneous, 1972-1981  
Meeting Minutes- School of Business Faculty, 1973- 1989  
Annual Reports 8
  of the Dean, 1975- 1980, 1982-1984  
  School of Business, 1984-1985  
[School of Business Faculty Picture Books, 1974-1975, 1977-1978, 1980-1981]  
  School of Business Newsletter [for Faculty], 1973- 1979  
  School of Business Newsletter [for Faculty], 1980-1985 9
IU/Business [Publication, 1983, 1994, 1997]  
39th Annual Business Conference Brochure, 4/30/1985  
[Alumni Events, 1977-1978]  
[Access- Business Publication, Fall 2003]