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Sagamore (Indianapolis, Ind.) Records, 1971-2005

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The campus student newspaper, The Sagamore, was first published in 1971. It was predated by newspapers of the merged campuses: Onomotopeia for the Downtown Campus of Indiana University-Indianapolis, and The Component for the Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension, later 38th Street campus. The newspaper has been in continuous publication since that time.

Records include correspondence, staff reports, publications, and original editorial cartoons.


Personnel and student records and other personal information in these records are restricted. All other material is open to the public without restriction. Copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.


Cite as: Sagamore (Indianapolis, Ind.) Records, 1971-2005, Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives, University Library, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis.


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College student newspapers and periodicals
IUPUI (Campus)--Periodicals
Sagamore (Indianapolis, Ind.)


This preliminary inventory serves as an interim guide to the described records. A finished finding aid based on final appraisal and arrangement of the records of this university unit will be prepared at a future date.


Contents Box
Student Orientation Issues, 1978- 1980 1
Statement of Purpose & Correspondence, 1987  
Publisher’s Notes, Reviews of Staff & Paper- Dennis Cripe, 1987-1988  
Editor’s Notes, 1987- 1988  
Staff- Miscellaneous, 1978- 1987  
Personnel Issues, 1978- 1987  
Correspondence- includes editorial letters, 1987-1988  
Printed Material sent by Sagamore- Miscellaneous, 1987- 1988  
[Planning, 1986- 1987]  
Sagamore’s Indianapolis Apartment Guide, 1977- 1985  
Ford’s Insider (Insert) 1977- 1980  
[IUPUI Admissions Info Packet, 1974- 1975]  
Sagamore Restaurant/ Entertainment Guide (Insert), 1977- 1980 2
The Sagabore, 1978- 1980  
Miscellaneous Inserts, 1978- 1980  
Circle City Circuit (Insert) 1978- 1980  
Sagamore Orientation Issues,  
  1982- 1984  
  1977 & 1980-1982  
Ampersand 3
  10/1977- 9/1979  
  10/1979- Spring 1987 4
Sagamore Orientation Issues, 1978- 1980 & Nostalgia Calendar 1977-1978 5
Sagamore Cartoons- Original Drawings  
  McCain, Tom  undated  
  McCain, Tom  1977- 1978  
  Varvel, Gary  undated  
  McCain, Tom  ca. 1977  
  Diedrich, Douglas  1982- 1983  
  Floyd, Greg  ca. 1979  
  J.P., undated  
  Mannix, ca. 1977  
  Robertson, (Crazy) Joe  undated  
  Starker, J.C. (MOJO)  undated  
  Zorman, J. (?)  undated  
  Miscellaneous, undated  
[Continuous Run of Sagamore Newspaper beginning 10/1971]