Visitor's Information

The Special Collections Team welcomes visitors year-round to use the resources of the Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives.

As a general rule, please contact the Archives before your visit to determine if the information you require is available for research.

Parking Near University Library

Metered parking, attended lots, and parking garages are marked in yellow on the Campus Map. Parking for persons with physical disabilities is available near every building and is marked clearly in each lot and garage. Parking garages closest to University Library are the North Street Garage (next to Hine Towers), Sport Complex Garage (visitors 1st floor; next to the IU Natatorium), and the Blackford Street Garage (requires IUPUI permit).

To access University Library from:

  • North Street Garage, take the elevator/stairway to the top floor and take the elevated crosswalk to the Business/SPEA Building. Continue the length of the corridor to the crosswalk into IUPUI University Library, entering on Level Two.
  • Sport Complex Garage, go to the second level of the Natatorium to the elevated crosswalk above New York St. and proceed to the Education/Social Work Building. Follow the corridor to the point where it connects to University College and the Business/SPEA Building. Turn right and go through the automatic doors marked "University Library." You will enter the library at the Level Two lobby.
  • Blackford Street Garage, cross Michigan St. and turn right. Turn left at the flag pole - the library sits diagonally to the other buildings in front and slightly to your right.

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