User Policies

Archives User Policies

General Room Regulations

1.       No eating or drinking is permitted.

2.       Only research materials, notebooks, pencils, and laptop computers are allowed in the Archives Reference Room.  All other belongings can be stored by the Archives Reference Desk or in lockers by the entrance on the first floor.  Jackets are not allowed in the Archives Reference Room.  The library is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

3.       The Archives staff has the right to inspect any materials taken in or removed from the Archives Reference Room for security purposes.

Use of Materials Regulations

1.       Use pencil only in taking handwritten notes.  Laptop computers may be used.

2.       Only one box/book can be viewed in the Archives Reference Room at a time.  When done with one box/book, notify the Archives staff and they will retrieve the next box/book.

3.       Handle all materials with care and retain the order of papers within a file or box.

4.       When viewing photographs, gloves must be worn to protect the photographs.  The Archives staff will instruct you on the proper handling procedures.

5.       When viewing fragile books, certain precautions need to be taken including the use of gloves and book cradles.  The Archives staff will instruct you on the proper handling procedures.

6.       Generally, archival material may be photocopied; however, if such material is too fragile, requests for photocopies may be denied.  Please mark documents for photocopying by placing a strip of acid-free paper (provided by the Archives staff) in front of the document to be copied or turn the document upright in the folder.  DO NOT remove the documents from the individual files.  The Archives staff will make all photocopies for a fee.  A fee schedule will be provided upon request.

7.       If you find damaged material or believe there are missing items within a file, please alert the archives staff.